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              • This image depicts a diverse group of individuals in an educational setting. The focus is on cultural exchange, as evidenced by the person at the front, who appears to be giving a presentation about China, as suggested by the cultural artifacts and decorations, such as traditional clothing and informational posters. The audience includes people of different ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating an inclusive environment where learning and appreciation of different cultures are encouraged. This scene promotes themes of equality and tolerance through education and cultural awareness.

                Cultivating deaf leadership and global advocates from China to the United States

                CIDAD at St. Cloud State University, U.S.: Graduate leadership certificate for Chinese deaf citizens. Initiatives include internships, summer camps, and advocacy videos. Plans to involve 30 interns in 15 deaf schools by 2024.
                US China Deaf Leadership and Advocacy Project, United States of America

              • The photo shows a young child from the back, engaged in play with colorful toy blocks that resemble little houses. The child is sitting on a patterned blanket that covers the floor, suggesting a safe and comfortable play environment. The presence of toys indicates a nurturing setting that encourages development and learning. The image reflects themes of growth, potential, and the universal aspect of childhood, where play is a common language across cultures, promoting equality and understanding among the youngest members of our global community.

                A case manager coordinating early intervention support from three ministries

                Cooperative for Inclusion (CECD), Portugal: Coordinates inclusive early childhood intervention of three ministries. In 2021, 154 case managers reached almost 80,000 people, enhancing access to early childhood intervention support systems.
                National System of Early Childhood Intervention (SNIPI), Portugal

              • This is a joyful and diverse group of individuals posing together in a park. They are smiling and several are raising their arms in celebration or greeting. The group is casually dressed, suggesting a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. One person is using a motorized wheelchair, illustrating inclusivity and the representation of people with disabilities. The lush greenery in the background adds to the sense of community and connection to nature. The image conveys themes of happiness, diversity, inclusion, and equality, as the group appears united and supportive of one another.

                A training designed and organized by young people with disabilities to empower community workers

                Youth Disability Advocacy Service's Together: Access & Inclusion Training, Australia: Online and in-person training designed and delivered by persons with disabilities. Grew to 1,647 participants between 2018 and 2023, focusing on storytelling and lived experiences.
                Together: Access & Inclusion Training, Australia

              • Multinational IT-manufacturer developing an accessible hiring and workplace programme

                Flex Zhuhai is the Chinese subsidiary of Flex Ltd, a leading electronics contract manufacturer. In 2015, Flex Zhuhai implemented an accessibility programme, including accessible hiring practices and an internship programme. By 2021 the number of employees with disabilities had increased from 13 to more than 200.
                Flex Ltd., Barrier free programme, China

              • Young people with and without disabilities playing together.

                Changing exclusionary behaviour patterns through advocacy

                "It's about Ability" was a nationwide TV and radio campaign to improve the attitude towards Inclusive Education. Whereas in 2010 only 35% of the population found it acceptable for a child with a disability to attend the same class as their own non-disabled child, this figure increased to 78% in 2015.
                UNICEF - Montenegro, “It's about Ability” Programme, 2010-2014, UNICEF Montenegro, in partnership with Government of Montenegro, EU and others, Montenegro, Montenegro

              • A holistic approach towards Inclusive Education in Bangladesh

                LCD initiated the project in Nilphamari, one of the poorest districts in the northern zone of Bangladesh. Rather than focusing on just one area of education, this project employed a holistic approach that addressed a variety of the main barriers for children with disabilities to enrol in and attend school, and aimed to ensure a sustainable impact.
                Leonard Cheshire Disability, Bangladesh

              • Developing indicators for Inclusive Education in the Pacific region

                "Pacific INDIE" was developed based on a comprehensive methodology, including surveys with the Ministerial representatives from 14 Pacific countries, and focus group discussions in four selected countries (Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu). The indicators were then refined following review by an international reference group.
                Monash University, Australia

              • Students learn in class, while the teacher is standing in the middle und holding a power point presentation in the back.

                Subscription-based online education platforms that also work without internet

                Kamer Big Bang is an online resource centre for matching users with jobs and learning opportunities. educlick is a mobile phone-based e-learning system whereby users undertake courses via text message. Originally targeted to people displaced through armed conflict, both platforms became popular with people with disabilities.
                EduClick, Kamer Big Bang platform and educlick platform, Cameroon

              • A family sits in a circle at the local On the Verge of Adulthood workshop, smiling and watching each other.

                Action plans to support the transition from secondary school

                "On the Verge of Adulthood" supports people with intellectual impairment in the phase of becoming adults. Together, a personal action plan is drawn up on key issues such as work, housing or further education. The implementation involves not only the young people and their parents, but also other relevant stakeholders.
                KVPS - Service Foundation for People with Intellectual Disability, On the Verge of Adulthood, Finland

              • Preventing bullying against women with learning difficulties

                According to the Ninlil empowerment seminars bullying and violence against women with learning difficulties or multiple disabilities can only be stopped, if these women develop more self-determination in their everyday life. 210 seminars were held from 1999 to 2014, reaching 1,159 participants.
                Ninlil, Austria