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              • Six individuals of different races who appears to have intellectual disabilities standing in front of  a large bookshelf half-filled with books. One woman in the group has her arms around the shoulder of one of the two women who appears to also have intellectual disability sitting in front of the group.

                Persons with intellectual disabilities becoming self-advocates in politics

                Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) and Israel Elwyn, both from Israel, launched a self- and collective-advocacy and leadership development programme for people with intellectual disabilities in 2011. By 2022 the number of self-advocates increased from 20 to 150, and the Israeli government regularly requests their input.
                Beit Issie Shapiro, A self and collective advocacy and leadership development programme for people with Intellectual Disabilities, Israel

              • Three individuals who appears to have physical disabilities are seated on their respective wheelchairs holding a bond paper with the words "Persönliche Assistenz", "bundeseinheitlich", and "bedarfsgerecht", which translates into "Personal Assistance", "uniformed regulations" and "needs-based".

                Facilitating personal assistance service provision to persons with disabilities

                WAG Assistenzgenossenschaft (WAG), an Austrian non-profit cooperative founded by people with disabilities, has been operating a personal assistance service model since 2002. The model allows high flexibility for the beneficiaries, and WAG acts as a legal employer for 685 assistants as of 2022.
                WAG Assistenzgenossenschaft, Cooperative personal assistance model in Austria, Austria

              • Making African universities and other learning institutes more disability-inclusive with a free web-based toolbox

                Light for the World, Austria: Its CapAble platform provides tools and resources for disability inclusion in higher education. Gained over 30,000 users and 240,000 page views between 2021 and 2023.
                CapAble, Uganda

              • Local 3D production of high-quality, low-cost prosthetics in low-income countries

                Ugani Prosthetics, Belgium: Develops affordable prosthetics for low-income countries using 3D printers and smartphones. Trained technicians and established workshops, helping over 100 patients in five countries from 2021 to 2023.
                Ugani Prosthetics, Kenya

              • This image shows a group of children engaged in an educational activity around a wooden table. They are sorting colorful counters, possibly as part of a math or sorting exercise. Two sheets of paper with what appears to be Braille are also visible on the table, suggesting that the activity may be inclusive of children with visual impairments. The children seem focused and cooperative, embodying themes of inclusion, teamwork, and learning. The diversity in their clothing and appearance may reflect a multicultural environment.

                Empowering inclusive education with ICT integration

                ADISA and CBM's Inclusive Education Programme, Guatemala: Promotes inclusive education through Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Between 2022 and 2023, trained 500 teachers and 400 parents, benefiting 800 children in ten schools.
                Promoting inclusive education in Guatemala through the development of a Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Guatemala

              • This image depicts an educational setting, likely in an African context, where a lesson is being conducted. A person stands to the left, possibly the instructor, interacting with a projector or equipment. On the right, there's a whiteboard with English words and their translations, suggesting language teaching. In the background, attentive students are seated on the floor. The environment is modest, with a thatched roof, and the use of technology in a resource-limited setting highlights the importance of education and the efforts to promote learning and literacy. The scene embodies values of empowerment, knowledge-sharing, and community support.

                International NGO using digital books with sign language and audio for all children

                World Vision Malawi's Timwerenge 365 Digital Books Project: Offers accessible digital books for children's literacy, including 60 with Malawian Sign Language. In 2023, extended to schools for the deaf throughout the country.
                Timwerenge 365 (T365) Digital Books Project , Malawi

              • The image shows two women sharing a joyful moment together. The woman in the foreground is seated and is wearing a black jacket and earphones; she is holding a smartphone and smiling broadly. The woman standing behind her, who is also smiling, is holding up the smartphone to display its screen. They appear to be showcasing an application on the phone, possibly related to a project or initiative they are both involved in. The setting suggests a casual outdoor environment, with green potted plants and a calm street in the background. The image conveys a sense of collaboration, pride, and happiness.

                An app and a movement to combat gender-based violence against women with disabilities

                CIDIP's App Morada, Mexico: Prevents gender-based violence with a video call-hotline for women with disabilities. Since 2020, used by 25,000 women, leading to a nationwide Purple App Movement.
                App Morada , Mexico

              • E-government automatically transferring disability benefits without any bureaucracy

                Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Azerbaijan: Implemented a reverse system for disability benefits and pensions, automating verification and payment processes. Benefited over 46,800 persons with disabilities from 2020 to 2023.
                e-government, Azerbaijan

              • Access to education for refugee children with disabilities

                The mission of this project is to improve the access to education for children with disabilities in the refugee camp of Gihembe (rural area) as well as in the town of Kigali (urban area) in Rwanda. After a pilot study, the initiative will share the results with its main partners, who are working on refugee issues in Rwanda.
                IRD - Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities, Rwanda

              • Creating a role model for Tanzania`s Inclusive Education policy

                The project seeks to model Tanzania’s National Strategy on Inclusive Education by initiating systematic changes in education in three districts. These changes will influence school management, teacher training, and pupil support, as well as raise awareness and ensure that families and the communities are involved.
                ADD International - Action on Disability and Development, Tanzania