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Building bridges between the global network and South Asia

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The Zero Project India Conference 2024 will be organised by Youth4Jobs in New Delhi: September 19-20, 2024.

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The Zero Project regionalizes its activities to important world regions outside Europe, with the goal of building bridges between the global disability inclusion community and regional innovation ecosystems.

In 2023, the Zero Project joined forces with Youth4Jobs and EnAble India in a strategic partnership to advance innovation processes in India through the “Zero Project India”. Each of the strategic partners contributes a wealth of experience and engages their respective innovation networks to advance the implementation of the UN CRPD.


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The Zero Project India Conference 2024

The annual conference hosted by Youth4Jobs in New Delhi is a unique regional forum to bring together members of the global Zero Project Network, Zero Project Awardees, and local/regional stakeholders, decision makers, and innovators from India and the whole of South Asia:

  • Dates: September 19 to September 20, 2024
  • Location: New Delhi, India

Learn more about the conference:

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The Zero Project Bangalore Technology Forum: Food for Thought

Organized by EnAble India, the Food For Thought event will bring together outstanding assistive technology solutions and interested parties with the aim of building international bridges to support these innovations and impact investments:

  • Dates: September 23 to September 24, 2024
  • Location: Bangalore, India

More information will be released soon.

Explore more Zero Project India initiatives

Under the umbrella of the Zero Project India, a range of other activities are implemented conjointly, complementary, or by one of the partner organizations; yet, always in alignment with the Zero Project’s mission of finding and sharing solutions that remove barriers for persons with disabilities in the areas of education, employment, accessibility, independent living & political participation, and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies):


WE-Do Initiative


The WE-Do Initiative is an integrative part of the Zero Project India Conference. Through its WE-Do initiative, Youth4Jobs responds to issues of equity and intersectionality that need to be urgently addressed.

The Zero Project fully supports the WE-Do initiative to remove barriers for women-entrepreneurs through a collaborative and solution-oriented approach. The WE-Do initiative will also be represented at the Zero Project Conference 2025 in Vienna.

Grassroots Academy


The objective of Youth4Jobs’ “Grassroots Academy” is to build grassroot leadership of youth with disabilities; providing them with the tools for transformation required, especially in low-income countries. 

The Zero Project fully supports this initiative. The Grassroots Academy will be part of both the Zero Project India Conference and the Zero Project Conference 2025 in Vienna.

Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme

EnAble India

EnAble India is joining the Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme in 2024, as a Funding Partner alongside the Essl Foundation, Fundación Descúbreme, GIZ, and Atos. The programme cycle 2024/2025 will see each of the Funding Partners select three “Scaling Fellows”, which will be supported to scale and replicate their innovative solutions in new countries and regions. 

The Scaling Fellows selected by EnAble India will have a focus or its origin in India.

Disabilities Innovative Solutions Hub (DISH)

EnAble India

The Disabilities Innovative Solutions Hub (DISH) is a centralized platform that supports the dissemination of grassroots solutions, with the goal of enabling others to apply them effectively.

The Zero Project fully supports the DISH platform and its use of AI-driven search capabilities

Discovery Awards

EnAble India

The Discovery Awards are a global recognition of grassroot innovations created by and for persons with disabilities. The nomination and selection process are organized and managed by EnAble India, with the support of a consortium of partners. The Zero Project fully supports this initiative and features as one of the partner organizations for the Discovery Awards.

Each year two innovators are recognized through Discovery Awards. The laureates are invited to the Zero Project Conference in Vienna, Austria, to present their innovation and receive the award.


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