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New Partner Announcement!

EnAble India joins Zero Project Scaling Solutions as programme partner:

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Zero Project Scaling Solutions is an exclusive programme for shortlisted #ZeroCall Innovators to transfer and advance their outstanding solution for persons with disabilities to new countries and regions.

It is a joint initiative by the Essl Foundation, Fundación Descúbreme, EnAble India, GIZ on behalf of BMZ, Atos, and the programmes's facilitator Inclusive Creation.

The programme: a global catalyst for disability inclusion

Zero Project Scaling Solutions' objective is to function as a global catalyst for disability inclusion: the programme is designed to transfer and advance outstanding innovations for persons with disabilities to new countries and regions.

The Essl Foundation, Fundación Descúbreme, EnAble India, GIZ, Atos, and Inclusive Creation have joined forces to leverage the Zero Project's research for creating a global catalyst for disability inclusion. Shortlisted #ZeroCall Innovators can apply, and join the programme as one of twelve so-called "Scaling Fellows".

The Programme's key components:

Scaling Support

Tailored strategies and resources to guide intiatives through the complex process of scaling to new countries and regions.

Impact Measurement

Utilize robust impact measurement strategies to gauge transformative change.

Personal Advisors

Elevate your initiative with 1-on-1 expert guidance, strategic insights, and a network of influential advisors.

A track record of successful replication

The programme formerly known as “Zero Project Impact Transfer” was first initiated in 2018 by the Essl Foundation and Fundación Descúbreme in collaboration with Ashoka, the network of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. During that time, the programme supported more than 60 innovations from 26 countries. Although replications typically happen in a medium-term perspective, one third of participants have successfully replicated their innovation within two years’ time.

Under the new name of "Zero Project Scaling Solutions" four powerful organizations have now joined forces to support the programme's goal with their vast networks and expertise.

Meet the 12 Scaling Fellows!

Watch the Scaling Fellows present at #ZeroCon24:

Twelve remarkable Scaling Fellows with a focus on Inclusive Education and ICT have been carefully selected to join the Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme. They share a common commitment to disability inclusion and each of them brings a unique scalable innovation to the programme.

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

    ADED Appui au Development de L'enfant en Detresse

    Improving learning opportunities through classroom modifications, teacher training, parents' teachers' associations, home-based education, and more.

  • India

    CSIR Institute of Microbial Technology

    The Indian Sign Language Enabled Virtual Laboratory (ISLEVL): The project offers an online platform and physical lab, enabling deaf students to engage with STEM subjects through sign language.

  • Netherlands

    Hable One B.V.

    An external keyboard that enhances smartphone and tablet accessibility for individuals with visual impairments, promoting independence and social inclusion.

  • Paraguay

    IN Dashboard

    IN Dashboard's mission is to provide accessible and timely disability inclusion data to empower
    persons with disabilities and inform inclusive policies. The suite includes a template management tool and an online business intelligence portal, facilitating data collection, consolidation, and visualization.

  • Chile

    Instituto de la Sordera: Colegio Intercultural Bilingüe

    The organization's mission is to provide economically disadvantaged deaf students with free, quality education that fosters their identity and full inclusion in society through sign language and the development of deaf culture.

  • Spain


    IRISBOND developed Hiru, an eye-tracking device that empowers non-verbal individuals, especially those with conditions like cerebral palsy, to communicate effectively using their eyes, fostering their participation in various aspects of life.

  • Brazil

    Jô Clemente Institute

    The Jô Clemente Institute's SEAC project aims to ensure access to regular education and success for individuals with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by providing accessibility resources and strategies that eliminate barriers to learning and social participation.

  • Japan

    Okayama Broadcasting Co

    Sports in sign language on live broadcasting, providing detailed race information to deaf viewers and aims for inclusive information accessibility.

  • Australia

    Reach & Match

    Reach & Match's mission is to create inclusive learning environments for children of all abilities, focusing on those with disabilities. They achieve this through a multifaceted educational system, including tactile learning kits, diverse learning program activities, educator training, and evaluation tools.

  • United States

    Sensee World

    Sensee was established to address the lack of accessible educational materials, particularly in STEM subjects, for visually impaired individuals. The company employs machine learning technology to swiftly and accurately convert text into braille, including complex subjects like mathematics, making educational materials accessible.

  • Nigeria

    Save Our Needy Organisation

    Empowering marginalized women and girls through technology and innovative communication. Providing knowledge, skills, resources, and support for financial independence and community-driven change.

  • Brazil

    The VLibras Suite

    Addressing communication and information barriers for Deaf individuals by providing machine translation from Portuguese to Brazilian Sign Language (Libras)

#ZeroCon24 innovation pitches and programme presentation

About the Zero Project Conference 2024

The annual Zero Project Conference is a unique global meeting place to innovate for disability inclusion. This year, more than 1,000 people from 100 countries attended #ZeroCon24 at the United Nations Office in Vienna, with innovations and sessions centred around the topics of Inclusive Education, and ICT.

Zero Project Scaling Solutions was represented through presentations by the Programme's partners and pitches by this year's Scaling Fellows.

Resources: tools and strategies for social innovation

Do you have questions about the Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme? Get in touch:

In a public webinar series by Zero Project Scaling Solutions' facilitator Inclusive Creation, participants could explore tools and strategies for social innovation:

  • Webinar n#1

    "5 Things Experts do to Showcase Their Company's Value"

    This webinar is centered around effectively articulating the value of a company's work.

  • Webinar #2

    "KPI Don’t Care: Top 3 Reasons Social Enterprises Fail"

    The webinar addresses critical factors behind the success or failure of social initiatives.

  • Webinar #3

    "The #1 Thing to Maximize Your Impact and Get Funding"

    This webinar focuses on amplifying your organization's impact and securing vital funding.

  • Webinar n#4

    'Unlock Your "Why” to Set Your Price!'

    This webinar explores fundamental aspects of pricing strategy.

Advisors: guide innovators for effective replication

The Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme offers Scaling Fellows 1-on-1 guidance by Advisors who are experts in relevant fields. By becoming an Advisor, you will help shape outstanding innovations for disability inclusion, and empower sustainable replication of proven solutions in new countries and regions.

Why become an Advisor?

  • Make a difference: Your knowledge can inspire and guide innovators, fostering their growth and success.
  • Shape the future: By sharing insights and strategies, you contribute to building a more inclusive and accessible world.
  • Receive Recognition: As an advisor, you'll receive a prestigious certificate acknowledging your valuable contributions to the Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme.
  • Exclusive Networking: Connect with fellow experts and industry leaders in the exclusive Advisors' Circle.
  • Enrich Your Experience: Access specialized workshops and training sessions that enhance your skills and insights.
  • Leave a Legacy: Contribute to innovative solutions that create a positive impact, leaving a legacy of positive change.

To join Zero Project Scaling Solutions as an Advisor, fill in the online application form:

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