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              • A man is acting in the theater stage with two persons fully covered with blue and purple stretchable fabric while two other men watching from a distance.

                Theatre arts programme for youth with disabilities

                ‘Access to Theatre’ is a free inclusive arts programme designed to help young people develop artistic and communication skills. Developed in 1994 by Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD) in the United States, the four-week programme has about 65 participants each year.
                Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Access to Theatre, United States of America

              • A man sitting in his electric wheelchair wearing a baseball cap, a mask on his chin and a headset around his neck and a woman seated with a belt in  her wheelchair both appearing to have cerebral palsy smiling at each other. The background which seems to be in a cafeteria is blurred.

                Supported housing for persons with complex disabilities

                JDC Israel Unlimited’s ‘Expanded Supported Housing’ programme supports adults with severe disabilities aged 21–55 to live independently. The services include help finding an apartment, actualizing rights, budgeting, cultivating autonomy, and building independent life skills as well as ongoing support.
                JDC Israel - Israel Unlimited, Expanded Supported Housing, Israel

              • Screenshot of the website of the National Council for Persons with Disability. A man in suit seating in his wheelchair in front of two monitors is used as a background overlayed by text Welcome to NCPWD CAREER PORTAL. Buttons of Register as job seeker and Login follows below.

                Online job-platform for persons with disabilities in a sub-Saharan country

                The National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities in Kenya, launched the NVPWD Career Portal in 2020 with support from mobile operator Safaricom. This offers personalized job recommendations and learning opportunities, and by mid-2022 had been used by more than 5,100 job seekers and 327 employers.
                Safaricom PLC, NCPWD Career Portal, Kenya

              • A woman with one hand on the keyboard of her laptop and the other on the trackpad. The screen of the laptop displays Jobsability portal showing the chat support, profile completion and other features.

                An online accessible skills-driven job platform

                Jobs Ability’, launched in 2018, is a development of the US non-profit Our Ability, in cooperation with Syracuse University and Microsoft. The Artificial Intelligence-driven job matching service uses algorithms that focus on the skills and abilities of persons with disabilities, rather than on what they do not have.
                Our Ability - Access to Opportunity, Jobs Ability, United States of America

              • This is a photo of a video production scene. There are three individuals actively engaged in the process. On the left, a person wearing a red shirt appears to be communicating, possibly using sign language, in front of a blue background, which suggests they might be recording a segment that includes sign language interpretation. In the center and right of the image, two other individuals are operating the technical equipment, with one person gesturing, possibly directing the scene, while the other is handling a video camera. The presence of sign language indicates an inclusive approach to communication, catering to diverse audiences, which aligns with themes of equality and accessibility. The teamwork and collaboration evident in the photo also reflect a spirit of assistance and cooperation.

                Mainstream TV station organizing a sign language academy for interpreters specializing in sports coverage

                Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (OHK), Japan: Initiated a sign language program for deaf interpreters, focusing on distinctive aspects of motor sports. Supported by the Toyota Mobility Foundation, it aims at the 2025 Deaflympics in Tokyo.
                OHK Sign Language Initiative, Japan

              • This image depicts a diverse group of individuals in a modern office or classroom setting, focused on technology and collaboration. A man in a plaid shirt appears to be leading or presenting, holding electronic components. In the foreground, a woman in a white jacket is working at a laptop, engaged in her task. The group includes people of different ethnic backgrounds and ages, and one person is in a wheelchair, highlighting inclusivity and accessibility. The environment suggests a theme of teamwork, learning, and mutual support, resonating with values of equality and justice.

                A programme to improve employability of people with disabilities in the digital sector

                Fundación ONCE's Por Talento Digital: The programme enhances employability in digital and technological fields. From 2019 to 2023, trained nearly 21,000 persons with disabilties, with 887 courses to choose from.
                Por Talento Digital, Spain

              • This image captures a group of individuals gathered outdoors, likely for a social or community event. In the foreground, a woman holding papers is speaking to a man who is also holding a document, while a young girl stands beside them looking at a piece of paper, possibly an award or certificate. The audience, consisting of adults and children, appears attentive and cheerful. The setting includes wooden benches and lantern-style lights, suggesting a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The event seems to foster a sense of community and recognition, aligning with values of support and acknowledgment of individuals' efforts or achievements.

                Special support for deaf and hard of hearing refugees in sign language, life skills, and job application

                Hospital St. John of God Linz, Austria: Supported Ukrainian refugees with hearing impairments in 2022 and 2023 with mental health and language courses. Partnered with the regional Federation of the Deaf.
                Support for deaf Ukrainian refugees, Austria

              • Two men and one woman smile during their break in the classroom.

                Postgraduate studies in disability law and policy

                The DLPP recruits students with and without disabilities from the United States and abroad, offering them the opportunity to specialize in the field of international and domestic disability law. DLPP students may also work as interns during the summer or full-time for a semester at disability law-related offices.
                Syracuse University, College of Law, Disability Law and Policy Program (DLPP), United States of America

              • Finnish anti-bullying programme for schools going international

                With KiVa Anti-Bullying, the University of Turku has developed a comprehensive, research-based programme to reduce the spread and negative consequences of bullying in secondary schools. The programme has been used in schools nationwide since 2009 and was also available in six other countries in 2016.
                University of Turku, Finland

              • A colorful dressed woman is teaching sign language in front of a blackboard with drawings at the Teacher's training class.

                Large-scale campaign to identify and enrol children with disabilities in Senegal

                APPEHL follows a multilevel approach to make mainstream schools more inclusive. For children and parents, the programme includes awareness raising measures and training in dealing with impairments. For schools, learning materials are adapted and teachers are trained by teachers from the special education sector.
                Humanity & Inclusion Senegal, Full Participation of Children with Disabilities in Education Programme (APPEHL), Senegal