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              • Young people with and without disabilities at a training.

                Training Young Leaders in Accessibility and Inclusion

                Through its Accessibility Promotion Agents programme Escola de Gente trains young people with and without disabilities living in favelas as mediators for the rights of people with disabilities. The certified training provides skills that also increase their chances of finding employment. Between 2011 and 2017, 252 young people were trained.
                Escola de Gente - Communication in inclusion, Accessibility Promotion Agents, Brazil

              • A  woman is standing on a step ladder in front of a shelf filled with children's toys inside a supermarket while smiling.

                Transfering persons with intellectual disabilities out of sheltered workshops

                Israel Elwyn has launched two programmes in 2015 to move people with intellectual disabilities into the mainstream labour market. ‘Future Direction’ is aimed at individuals who have been working in sheltered workshops for many years, while ‘Creating a Future’ is aimed at high school students.
                Israel Elwyn, Israel Elwyn – Transitional Programmes, Israel

              • A man who appears to have down syndrome standing in front of a woman checking a  list. One man looking at the list with his hand is on top of the box while two other individuals are discussing beside him.

                People with intellectual disabilities as editors, experts, and political representatives

                Since 2017, Capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from Germany has been running a qualification project for people with intellectual disabilities. To date, some 1,000 participants have been trained as editors, political representatives, and experts in accessible information.
                capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

              • A man who appears to have cerebral palsy tries to press a button with his index finger and a computer monitor and keyboard in front of him. A white tarpaulin beside him is printed with the text "20 Outubro Dia Nacional Paralisia Cerebral".

                Independent and secret voting for all

                The Federation of Portuguese Cerebral Palsy Associations (FAPPC), together with IBM and Softinsa, has developed a voting system that uses different input devices to enable independent and secret voting for everyone, including people with motor, sensory, and intellectual disabilities.
                FAPPC - Portuguese Federation of Associations for Cerebral Palsy, Accessible Vote System, Portugal

              • A man wearing apron arranging small bowls inside a resturant kitchen with a two piles of plates beside him.

                Government-backed online job-portal for all people with disabilities

                MYFutureJobs is a job portal of the State Social Security Organization (SOCSO) in Malaysia for people with disabilities. Since 2020 employers who want to participate in government-funded projects have been required to register on the portal, and SOCSO has helped to find employment for 3,625 people as of 2022.
                Social Security Organization Malaysia, MYFutureJobs, Malaysia

              • This is an image of a classroom scene with several young African students. In the foreground, a focused student is using a Braille device to read or write, indicating an inclusive educational setting that accommodates visual impairments. The other students in the background appear attentive and engaged. The classroom environment suggests a commitment to providing education and support to all children, regardless of their abilities, promoting themes of equality and assistance.

                Access to inclusive education for the equitable employment of

                youth with visual impairments

                Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa (KBTA): Provides assistive devices and digital curriculum content for users of digital Braille. Between 2018 and 2023, equipped 3,000 learners in six countries with assistive technologies.
                From inclusive education to employment for children and youth with visual impairments in Africa, Kenya

              • This image shows a group of people, likely a mix of students and instructors, standing proudly in a room filled with colorful artwork. They are displaying their creative work, which includes various abstract designs and shapes. The table in front of them is scattered with paper cutouts and art materials, suggesting a collaborative and educational environment. The diversity in age and the shared focus on art convey a sense of inclusion and community. The setting appears to be an art class or workshop, emphasizing creativity and expression as a unifying activity, promoting values such as teamwork, learning, and the joy of creation.

                Accessible education systems with audio and tactile inclusive materials

                Bergama Belediyesi Rahmi Yesilsoy Engelliler Merkezi, Turkey: Produces tactile educational materials for visually impaired children. Materials used by 3,000 students and teachers in Turkey, and over 2,600 in Africa and Pakistan.
                Accessible Education Systems, Turkey

              • The photo shows a group of women engaged in an activity that appears to be cultural or spiritual in nature. One woman in the foreground is holding a traditional object, which could be used in indigenous rituals or ceremonies. The participants seem focused and reflective, suggesting a moment of shared experience or learning. The setting includes a mix of casual and somewhat traditional attire, indicating a diverse gathering. The presence of cultural elements and the attentive atmosphere reflect themes of respect, community, and cultural appreciation.

                A training course for teachers on how to use the arts to make their education practices inclusive

                Mais Diferenças' Inclusive Education Laboratory, Brazil: Specializes in inclusive art-based teaching methods for public school educators in São Paulo. From 2019 to 2023, trained 300 educators from 233 schools across five editions.
                Inclusive Education Laboratory, Brazil

              • The photo depicts two young children, possibly of Asian descent, engaging in a playful activity. The boy is wearing a bright yellow shirt and has a cloth blindfold tied around his eyes, suggesting they might be playing a game like "blind man's bluff." The girl, with a big smile, appears to be guiding or teasing him, as she holds onto his shoulder from behind. Both children are radiating joy and innocence, and the image conveys a sense of camaraderie and trust. The setting seems to be outdoors in a place with trees and sunlight. This scene is a beautiful representation of childhood, friendship, and the universal language of play that transcends backgrounds and abilities.

                A community-driven and low-cost school system for children in rural areas

                DRRA, Bangladesh: Launched VARANDA School in 2012 for inclusive early education. Starting with 15 students, expanded to educate 1,030 students across 11 districts by 2023.
                VARANDA School, Bangladesh

              • The photo shows a group of six children engaging in an art activity. They are seated around a table, each with a piece of paper in front of them, painting or drawing faces with various expressions. The children appear focused and happy, with some looking up and smiling at the camera. One child is making a friendly wave. Their diverse appearances reflect a natural and harmonious blend of backgrounds, emphasizing inclusivity. The environment seems to be a classroom, which is bright and welcoming. The presence of paint pots and brushes suggests a creative learning atmosphere.

                Combining pedagogical and psychological support services in inclusive classrooms

                Bridge of Hope's Support Services, Armenia: Provides support services in 135 mainstream schools and kindergartens. By 2022, 550 children with disabilities were enrolled, influencing Armenia's inclusive education policies.
                Provision of pedagogical and psychological support services to children in Tavush Marz, Armenia