A treasure trove of data for disability inclusion

Through its research on solutions that remove barriers for persons with disabilities, the Zero Project has created a vast database over the past decade. It includes both the innovative solutions which it can analyse, and the Zero Project Network of people and organizations.

Building on this foundation, the Zero Project develops tools to support the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

The Zero Project Database

The Zero Project Database is based on extensive peer-reviewed research. It's mapping and connecting solutions, experts, and organizations for a world with zero barriers. It is publicly available and free to use for anyone who wants to help creating a world with zero barriers. Along with your search results among 800+ solutions, you will also find contact details to connect with organizations and experts, videos about these projects, and stories from people using these solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

The data collected by the Zero Project goes far beyond numbers. It includes thousands of presentations, video recordings, and photos that capture innovative solutions and projects from around the world. This data can also be leveraged via AI technologies to implement entirely new applications.

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