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              • A woman casts her ballot in Aceh, Indonesia. copyright: IFES

                Strengthening electoral systems to be inclusive and accessible

                The Election Access Program published the first manual, Equal Access, that provides government and civil society with guidance on how to ensure that persons with disabilities have a voice in political life. IFES also developed an election access observation checklist and trained over 700 people in 7 countries to be access observers.
                IFES - International Foundation for Electoral Systems, United States of America

              • Many children take a class outside a CBCC under a tree.

                A low-cost approach to early childhood development

                Sightsavers has developed a model of Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) based on existing services and cost-effective methods. Sightsavers works together with local community-based childhood centres, produces learning materials and provides specially adapted bicycles to transport the children.
                Sightsavers, Early Childhood Development in Malawi, Malawi

              • Children with and without disabilities playing on a playground with accessibility features.

                Replicating fully accessible and inclusive playgrounds throughout the country

                Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) develops and provides innovative therapies and services for children with disabilities and their families. In 2006 BIS developed Friendship Park, Israels first accessible and inclusive playground. By 2017 the model has been replicated in 30 municipalities throughout the country.
                Beit Issie Shapiro, Friendship Park, Israel

              • A young man is packing boxes during his job training in the warehouse in front of full shelves.

                A transition into adulthood programme for young people with disabilities

                Creating a Future prepares students between the ages of 16 and 21 for adulthood through employment skills and future orientation training. It also supports preparation for employment through an assessment of an individual’s interests and strengths as well as by providing work experience.
                Israel Elwyn, Creating a Future, Israel

              • Five Fable team members smile and laugh with their arms on each other’s shoulders.

                An accessibility testing platform, powered by people with disabilities

                The online platform helps companies test whether their digital services are accessible to people with disabilities. It offers community testing and community-centred feedback. Since its launch in 2018, Fable has provided employment for 100 people with disabilities. Customers include Walmart, Shopify, and Slack.
                Fable Tech Labs, Fable, Canada

              • A calendar page and a card containing instructions before, during and after disaster situations in Mandarin. A box with pens and notepads in different colours serves as card stand.

                Creating a disability-inclusive handbook for disaster preparedness

                The National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction in Taiwan, with the help of various stakeholders, published a handbook on disaster preparedness for people with disabilities. More than 1,000 printed copies were distributed in 2021, and the digital version was downloaded 3,000 times in 2022.
                National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, A disaster preparedness handbook for people with disabilities, Taiwan

              • A man wearing apron touching cards on the table. Different figurines, pins, candies and stickers are arranged on the table to be sold.

                Entrepreneurship support for persons with psychosocial disabilities

                Enosh, the Israeli Mental Health Association, launched the MAOF entrepreneurship programme in 2008 to support the self-employment of persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. Funded by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the programme has resulted in 433 businesses by 2022.
                ENOSH - The Israeli Mental Health Association, MAOF entrepreneurship programme, Israel

              • Nine individuals appearing to have different intellectual and motor disabilities seated on a stage in an empty hall.

                Study circles supporting persons with intellectual disabilities in political processes

                Via ‘study circles’ Studieforbundet Vuxenskolan (SV) from Sweden makes it easier for people with intellectual disabilities to access political processes. SV has also created a process that allows voters with disabilities to address questions important to them to political representatives.
                SV Study Association Vuxenskolan, My choice/My election, Sweden

              • A man and woman sitting in their wheelchairs and a man and woman standing behind them in a beachfront with Cabanas around.

                Advanced life-skills training for wheelchair users

                In 2012 the Association of People with Disabilities in Bolivia launched ‘Nueva Esperanza’, a programme that teaches life skills to people with physical disabilities, especially wheelchair users. In 2017 the local practice was recognized nationwide and was included in a new labour law. As of 2022 there were 25 beneficiaries.
                Nueva Esperanza Association of People with Physical Disabilities, Programa Vida Independiente (Independent Living Programme), Bolivia

              • The photo shows three young children engaged in a playful activity on the floor. They are surrounded by colorful educational toys, such as puzzle pieces and blocks with numbers and letters on them, suggesting a learning environment. The children appear to be Asian and are dressed in casual, comfortable clothing. One child is focused on placing a puzzle piece, another is holding a toy, and the third is reaching out to a piece, indicating cooperation and shared playtime. The setting promotes themes of learning, equality, and the importance of nurturing environments for children's development.

                A tactile inclusive play kit supporting the development of all children

                Reach & Match, Australia: Provides an inclusive play-based learning program with sensory mats and Braille/print alphabet tiles. Used by 35,000 children in eight countries since 2024, winning awards and partnering with organizations like World Vision and UNICEF.
                Reach & Match inclusive education programme, Australia