Artifical Intelligence

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With Artificial Intelligence at the forefront of current technological developments, the Zero Project is exploring different routes to using its data: with more than 4,000 nominated and 800 awarded solutions between 2013 and 2023, it offers a comprehensive body of research that captures innovation for disability inclusion on a global scale.

A unique treasure trove of data

The Zero Project’s database goes far beyond numbers and includes thousands of presentations, video recordings, and photos that capture innovative solutions and projects from around the world. This data can also be leveraged via AI technologies to implement entirely new applications.

Potential applications include helping to:

  • develop new products and services,
  • scale an innovation,
  • fund innovations,
  • write inclusive curricula for schools or trainings, and
  • create improved rulebooks for inclusion and
  • accessibility
  • for people with disabilities.

More information on projects and initiatives will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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AI - The Basics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological simulation of human intelligence, that seeks to imitate the way in which we humans do things and think. In relation to persons with disabilities many questions arise: What can AI do for us? Are we replacing old barriers with new ones? Where does it affect inclusion and accessibility already? We at the Zero Project believe that AI is here to stay: find out why.

The Basics - Artificial Intelligence

The Zero Project presents The Basics, a series of brief educational introductions in print, video and audio. Loaded with practical examples, The Basics delivers food for thought in an entertaining and accessible style.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It promises new benefits to people with disabilities, but can also be a new kind of barrier. In this episode of Zero Project series, the Basics, renowned emerging technology expert David Banes explains how AI can reduce barriers.