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#ZeroCall25 opens May 8, 2024

The Zero Project Call for Nominations 2025 is centered around Employment and ICT.

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Through extensive and peer-reviewed research, the Zero Project has identified more than 800 solutions from around the world that effectively remove barriers in the fields of Education, Employment, Accessibility, Independent Living and Political Participation, and ICT.

The Solutions come from all sectors of society and they have been selected for their innovative, impactful and scalable nature.

  • Innovation

    Any practice or policy will have demonstrated an innovative and effective solution in support of removing barriers in one of the five areas of the Zero Project’s research focus. The research takes into account the local context, geographies, and groups of beneficiaries.

  • Impact

    The impact of a particular solution could refer to the number of beneficiaries or people using a service, the solution’s growth rate, or the influence on im-proved public services, among others. Any selected solution must have been deployed and have already had an impact; the selection process does not consider projects or products at a concept stage.

  • Scalability

    All nominations are reviewed for their potential in replicating and expanding to new geographies or growing in another way that allows a maximum number of persons with disabilities to benefit from the innovation. Among the 800+ solutions that have been selected since 2013, scalability has been indeed multifaceted, ranging from open-source applications to the replication of effective policies, to the expansion of inclusive start-up solutions to new countries.

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Across a 4-year cycle, the Zero Project's research process focuses on the following 4 topics: Independent Living and Political Participation, Education, Employment, and Accessibility.

Since 2020, in addition to these 4 topics, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are covered every year.

2023 Spotlight: Independent Living & Political Participation

In the 2022-2023 research cycle, the Zero Project's research was centered around the topic of Independent Living & Political Participation. Zero Project has identified 71 innovative solutions from 42 countries as the Zero Project Awardees 2023. Here are some of them!