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              • This image depicts a person in a garden center watering plants. The individual is using a walker, which indicates they may have mobility challenges, yet they are actively engaged in the task of gardening. They are dressed casually in a pink and purple plaid shirt and jeans, and they appear focused on their work. In the background, another person can be seen walking among the rows of plants. The setting is outdoors, and the garden center is filled with a variety of potted plants and gardening supplies. This scene promotes the theme of inclusivity, showing that gardening is an activity accessible to individuals with different abilities.

                Youth House: Empowering vulnerable young people with disabilities not in education, employment, or training(NEET)

                Salva Vita Foundation, Hungary: Empowers NEET youth through activities like animal-assisted therapy and job coaching. From 2018 to 2022, supported over 140 participants, with around 70 finding employment.
                Youth House, Hungary

              • In the image, we see an individual focused on working at a laptop. The person is wearing glasses and a striped polo shirt, and appears to be sitting in an office environment. Behind them is a wall with the words "Fundacion GOODJOB" prominently displayed, suggesting that this may be a workspace of a foundation that likely focuses on social good, employment, or assistance. The setting conveys a professional atmosphere, and the person's engagement with their work could be seen as a representation of inclusion and empowerment in the workplace.

                Company- and volunteer-based vocational training model for creating inclusive jobs in the IT sector

                Fundación GoodJob's #IMPACT Program: Launched in 2020 for technological and vocational training online for persons with disabilities. By the end of 2022, 518 people participated, achieving an employment rate of over 70%.
                #IMPACT, Spain

              • This image features a group of young children sitting in wooden chairs, most likely in a classroom or daycare setting. They are wearing matching white t-shirts with a colorful design, and their expressions range from curious to joyful. Some children are looking towards the camera, while others are engaged with their surroundings. In the background stands a man, arms crossed, observing the children—possibly a teacher or caretaker. The room has a cheerful ambiance with decorations on the walls, and there's a table with various items, suggesting an environment for play and learning. The scene embodies themes of community, nurturing, and the innocence of childhood.

                Two programmes that enable young children with Down syndrome to attend mainstream schools

                KDSP, Pakistan: Created Early Preschool Experience and Inclusive Education Programs in 2017 for children with Down syndrome. By 2022, the number of children supported in mainstream school had risen to 69.
                Education for Individuals with Down syndrome, Pakistan

              • While a teacher is explaining sign language to the class,  students in the back dance their interpretation of it.

                Admission quotas and support services for university enrollment

                Every year, 20 students with various disabilities are admitted to Universitas Brawijaya. The Centre for Disability Studies and Services provides these students with a number of services to support learning and inclusion, tests and exams are made accessible for a variety of disabilities and a reasonable accommodation is also offered.
                Brawijaya University, Center for Disability Studies and Services, Affirmative Admission for Students with Disabilities, Indonesia

              • In a decorated cafeteria students are studying with their tutor

                An inclusive post-secondary programme for students with intellectual disabilities

                This eight-semester programme allows students with intellectual disabilities to create and study a personalized curriculum. Students of teacher training assist them and take on the role of tutors. The programme supports the preparation of students for the labour market, while the teacher trainees receive credits towards their studies.
                Pedagogical College Salzburg, BLuE University Programme, Austria

              • Breaking down barriers to scientific knowledge

                The project was launched when a group of geologists noticed the lack of knowledge about the earth sciences among society in general. According their motto, "science for everybody," they also began to promote activities for people with learning disabilities, first for Down syndrome students and later for blind and deaf/blind adults.
                Science without Barriers Association, Spain

              • Many children are sitting on the carpets and writing on their labs in a blue class room.

                Providing Inclusive Education in camps for internally displaced persons (IDP)

                The project provides training for teachers, support for children and their families, and training for relief workers to identify disabilities and make their emergency services more inclusive. Since 2019, Light for the World has been working in partnership with relief agencies and NGOs in three camps in Southern Sudan.
                Light for the World Austria, IDP Programme, South Sudan

              • A woman and a boy in the front surrounded by children in the background are holding their finger up and look to the left.

                Holistic support system from early childhood to vocational training

                "Learn for life" provides a range of support mechanisms for children with disabilities at all stages of schooling, from early childhood intervention to vocational training. Local disabled person’s organizations assume leadership of the programme and continue the work after its support is phased out.
                DRRA - Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association, Learn for Life, Bangladesh

              • Two children are playing with colorful cubes in front of a toy shelf in Kindergarden in the Berd region.

                Supporting smooth and inclusive transitions from preschool to primary school

                For teachers SMILE offers capacity-building training on Inclusive Education and mentoring visits to assistance. Also the parents are supported to encourage them to actively participate in their children's education. Furthermore, the programme also promotes cooperation between teachers and parents.
                Bridge of Hope, SMILE for Children, Armenia

              • Man with head phones sits in front of microphone, recording for an online radio program.

                A three-year vocational training programme for students with intellectual disabilities

                The "Diploma in Working Skills" is a three-year programme for people with learning difficulties to develop employment skills. Both professional and social competences are taught during the training. The programme takes place on the university campus and students have access to all extracurricular activities on site.
                Andres Bello University, Socio-labour training programme in a university setting, Chile