The Zero Project regularly publishes the results of its research on innovative solutions that improve the daily lives and legal rights of persons with disabilities. Find here the latest research for free download.

Zero Project Reports

Every year, the Zero Project publishes a report on the innovative Solutions that have been identified in the extensive annual peer-reviewed research. In a 4-year-cycle, the following research topics are covered: Education, Employment, Independent Living, Accessibility, and ICT.

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Zero Project Sector Reports

The Zero Project Sector Reports are Reports targeting a defined theme or topic, and are always produced and shared in cooperation with an esteemed partner organization of the Zero Project.

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The Zero Project Almanac 2021

The Zero Project Almanac covers the findings of years of research: it thoroughly analyzes recent developments with the help of experts, collects impact stories, and carefully maps innovations from around the world that can improve the daily lives and legal rights of persons with disabilities.

It is available in three languages, in accessible PDF format, via the following download links:


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