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MYFutureJobs is a job portal of the State Social Security Organization (SOCSO) in Malaysia for people with disabilities. Since 2020 employers who want to participate in government-funded projects have been required to register on the portal, and SOCSO has helped to find employment for 3,625 people as of 2022.

A man wearing apron arranging small bowls inside a resturant kitchen with a two piles of plates beside him.
The MyFutureJobs job portal in Malaysia has placed 3,625 people in two years.

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“MYFutureJobs has successfully assisted me to find employment despite of my limitations and age.” Kalwant Singh, a person with a physical disability

SOCSO is the Social Security Organization of Malaysia, a government entity. After a successful introduction of a return-to-work programme for persons with disabilities (Zero Project Awardee 2017), SOCSO has developed MYFutureJobs, a programme to increase the employment rate for persons with disabilities. In 2020, SOCSO took MYFutureJobs digital and made registration in the job portal mandatory for employers that want to participate in government sponsored projects. Between 2020 and 2022, SOCSO placed 3,625 persons with disabilities.

Problems Targeted

In Malaysia there are few nationwide job matching services available for persons with disabilities.

Solution, Innovation and Impact

MYFutureJobs is an online portal and one-stop-shop for all employment initiatives implemented by the Government of Malaysia under its Hiring Incentive Policy, which has persons with disabilities as a target group. Jobseekers with disabilities create a profile on the portal, after which they are matched to available jobs based on their skills through an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. MYFutureJobs also encourages jobseekers with disabilities to explore flexible self-employment in the digital gig economy. The portal collects real-time data from employers on available jobs, ensuring jobseekers have access to up-to-date information. SOCSO also organizes in-person interviews and job fairs for registered jobseekers and companies to facilitate the hiring process. Once an employee with disabilities is hired through MYFutureJobs, SOCSO ensures employers pay at least the minimum wage. There are 636 SOCSO employment services officers throughout Malaysia. Between 2020 and 2022, MYFutureJobs has been able to link more than 1,200 persons with disabilities with work opportunities annually.

Funding, Outlook and Transferability

As a programme of Malaysia’s Social Security Organization, MYFutureJobs is funded through the mandatory employment insurance contributions of employers and other state funds. The initial investment has been $1 million, and the yearly maintenance cost is $400,000. SOCSO aims to improve the placement rates for jobseekers with disabilities through MYFutureJobs by training employers on disability rights and how to access government support to hire employees with disabilities. It is also working on improving the accessibility of the platform and offers personal support in the meantime. In October 20222 there were more than 330,000 job opening for persons with and without disabilities.



A man wearing apron arranging small bowls inside a resturant kitchen with a two piles of plates beside him. The MyFutureJobs job portal in Malaysia has placed 3,625 people in two years.


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