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              • Computer screen shot of a test questions with different colorful answer buttons.

                Online platform to prepare all students for final primary school exams

                The free online platform supports schoolchildren with and without disabilities in their preparation in mathematics and the Serbian language. The exam questions are available in various formats, along with functions in Easy Language and explanatory pictures. Since its launch in 2015, almost 4,000 school children have benefited.
                Mathematicial Society of Serbia, Final Exam, Serbia

              • This image depicts a diverse group of individuals in an educational setting. The focus is on cultural exchange, as evidenced by the person at the front, who appears to be giving a presentation about China, as suggested by the cultural artifacts and decorations, such as traditional clothing and informational posters. The audience includes people of different ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating an inclusive environment where learning and appreciation of different cultures are encouraged. This scene promotes themes of equality and tolerance through education and cultural awareness.

                Cultivating deaf leadership and global advocates from China to the United States

                CIDAD at St. Cloud State University, U.S.: Graduate leadership certificate for Chinese deaf citizens. Initiatives include internships, summer camps, and advocacy videos. Plans to involve 30 interns in 15 deaf schools by 2024.
                US China Deaf Leadership and Advocacy Project, United States of America

              • Young students who appears to have psychosocial disabilities stare an image of a park with ferris wheel beamed on the wall. A teacher is standing at the side of the room observing the students.

                Children with disabilities learning with interactive wall and floor projections

                Digital Dream is a Singapore-based social enterprise that began offering creative digital solutions for the education of children with disabilities in 2018. The iCUBE uses projections on walls and floors to create immersive and interactive environments that allow children to learn real-world situations safely.
                Digital Dream, Digital Dream, Singapore

              • A boy plays with his peers in uniforms outside.

                A broad, low-cost, and comprehensive model to create accessible schools

                The aim of HOPE is to ensure and to increase the school enrollment of children with and without disabilities in rural areas. This is mainly done through improving school accessibility and by establishing community-based rehabilitation centres, where children with disabilities are readied for school.
                Save the Children International, HOPE, Bangladesh

              • Young people with and without disabilities playing together.

                Changing exclusionary behaviour patterns through advocacy

                "It's about Ability" was a nationwide TV and radio campaign to improve the attitude towards Inclusive Education. Whereas in 2010 only 35% of the population found it acceptable for a child with a disability to attend the same class as their own non-disabled child, this figure increased to 78% in 2015.
                UNICEF - Montenegro, “It's about Ability” Programme, 2010-2014, UNICEF Montenegro, in partnership with Government of Montenegro, EU and others, Montenegro, Montenegro

              • A family sits in a circle at the local On the Verge of Adulthood workshop, smiling and watching each other.

                Action plans to support the transition from secondary school

                "On the Verge of Adulthood" supports people with intellectual impairment in the phase of becoming adults. Together, a personal action plan is drawn up on key issues such as work, housing or further education. The implementation involves not only the young people and their parents, but also other relevant stakeholders.
                KVPS - Service Foundation for People with Intellectual Disability, On the Verge of Adulthood, Finland

              • Tuleen, a project participant in a wheel chair with an attached desk, studys together with other children in a classroom.

                One-year preparation programme for children with disabilities to enter mainstream schools

                The programme includes services such as occupational therapy, assistive technology, and support from special education specialists, along with the creation of individual education plans. The services are designed to help children to prepare for and pass the entrance exam to be admitted into grade 1 of mainstream schools in Jordan.
                Al Hussein Society - Jordan Center for Training & Inclusion, School Preparation Programme, Jordan

              • Two young women sit next to each other in front of two computers, with a crutch leaning on the desk between them. One woman is doing a typing exercise.

                Smart Inclusion Centres in universities that connect students with employers

                The Youth4Jobs Foundation has established Smart Inclusion Centres through its College Connect programme in 21 colleges and universities in India. The centres provide assistance with training and job placement. By 2020, 900 candidates have been trained by the centres, 550 of whom have jobs.
                Youth4Jobs Foundation, College Connect, India

              • The photo shows four individuals engaged in a computer training session designed for the blind, as indicated by the banner in the background. They are sitting at tables with laptops, suggesting a learning environment that promotes digital literacy and inclusion for people with visual impairments. The setting appears to be a simple classroom, and the participants are focused on their tasks, embodying the spirit of determination and empowerment through education. This image is a testament to initiatives that support equal opportunities and accessibility in technology for all.

                Building a tech infrastructure, training, and IT job creation for persons with visual impairments

                Living Dignity for the Blind, Myanmar: Offers decentralized training for visually impaired individuals in remote areas. The program has expanded to several regions, with trained individuals finding tech-related jobs.
                Promoting technology and capacity-building towards employment, Myanmar

              • This image depicts an educational setting, likely in an African context, where a lesson is being conducted. A person stands to the left, possibly the instructor, interacting with a projector or equipment. On the right, there's a whiteboard with English words and their translations, suggesting language teaching. In the background, attentive students are seated on the floor. The environment is modest, with a thatched roof, and the use of technology in a resource-limited setting highlights the importance of education and the efforts to promote learning and literacy. The scene embodies values of empowerment, knowledge-sharing, and community support.

                International NGO using digital books with sign language and audio for all children

                World Vision Malawi's Timwerenge 365 Digital Books Project: Offers accessible digital books for children's literacy, including 60 with Malawian Sign Language. In 2023, extended to schools for the deaf throughout the country.
                Timwerenge 365 (T365) Digital Books Project , Malawi