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              • Assistive technologies and teacher training in mainstream schools

                The "Active Inclusion" project introduces assistive technologies and learning possibilities into primary schools and carries out networking and lobbying activities. Also the programme offers trainings for teachers from participating schools as well as educational software programmes for children with disabilities.
                Open The Windows, North Macedonia

              • A man in an electronic wheel chair with an electonic tablet attached on the armrest is speaking in an auditorium filled with students in uniform.

                Comprehensive support for young people with disabilities after their school education

                Krembo Wings from Israel initiated the ‘Paving the Way to Independent Life’ programme in 2002 to support people with disabilities after their schooling and to help them develop soft skills and life skills. Managed by people both with and without disabilities, the programme benefits around 250 young graduates each year.
                Krembo Wings, Paving the Way to Independent Life programme, Israel

              • This image shows a diverse group of schoolchildren watching a performance in a school auditorium. In the foreground, a person in a wheelchair appears to be engaging in an expressive dance or performance art, while another performer lies on the floor, reaching out. The audience looks captivated and surprised by the performance. The scene promotes inclusivity and the idea that art and expression are accessible to all, regardless of physical abilities. The performers demonstrate courage and creativity, which serves as an inspiration to the audience, highlighting themes of equality and the celebration of diverse abilities.

                A professional dance company educating youth about disability inclusion in mainstream schools

                Infinite Flow, U.S.: A Los Angeles-based inclusive dance company employing dancers with and without disabilities. Focuses on performance and education. Reached some 10,000 youth and 25 mainstream schools by 2023.
                Elementary School Assemblies and ‘Scoops of Inclusion’, United States of America

              • A young woman with dark hair and wearing white overalls is at a workstation in a workshop. She is handling a metal casing and a drill is attached to the workspace in front of her.

                Online job recruitment platform for people with disabilities

                The online platform includes a behavioural profile and e-learning courses. An algorithm matches candidates to suitable jobs based on geolocation, education, salary requirements, expertise, and behavioural profile. Between 2015 and 2020 over 7,000 people with disabilities have thus found a job.
                Egalite Inclusion & Diversity, Egalite Inclusion & Diversity, Brazil

              • School Portal Milance_PRA_Photo1

                An e-learning platform for audio and video learning materials

                The school portal "Milance" has created an e-learning platform, poviding basic information on various topics free of charge. In 2016, these were language skills, mathematics and science in various audio and video formats. In order to reach children outside school, seminars for representatives of disabled people were organised.
                School for Elementary and Secondary Education - Milan Petrovic, Serbia

              • Inclusive Finances_PRA_Photo1

                Learning to manage one ́s own personal finances

                The goal of Inclusive Finances is to promote the capacity of people with learning disabilities to manage their personal finances in an autonomous way, with the specific goals of: learning basic financial concepts, improving one’s capacity to use money responsibly and applying the acquired financial knowledge to the labour market.
                ONCE Foundation, Spain

              • Being employed by a university for the duration of PhD study

                Promi ("Promotion inclusive") enables and promotes postgraduate education for students with disabilities. Initiated in 2012, 45 45 graduates have been placed in PhD programmes at their university by 2016 and provided with employment for the duration of their studies at one of the 21 partner universitites of Promi.
                University of Koeln, project “Promi”, Germany

              • This is a vibrant and joyful group photo taken on a sunny beach. The group consists of diverse individuals, likely of various ages and abilities, celebrating together. Some wear athletic attire with what appears to be national colors, suggesting they might be part of a sports team. Their raised arms and cheerful expressions convey a sense of triumph and camaraderie. The environment promotes themes of inclusion and teamwork, as individuals with different backgrounds and physical abilities share a moment of happiness and unity. The beach setting adds a casual and relaxed atmosphere to the image.

                Fostering inclusive education in Latin America through youth leadership and sports

                Escuelas Unificadas by Special Olympics Latin America: Promotes inclusive environments through sports and leadership activities for children with and without intellectual disabilities. Implemented in seven countries, reaching over 16,000 participants by 2023.
                Escuelas Unificadas (Unified Schools), Brazil

              • A tour guide in front of many Renaissance paintings gives a tour to visiters, who are sitting or standing in a big exibition room of the Staatlichen Museum Schwerin.

                Training people with disabilities to be museum guides

                Capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, together with the Staatliches Museum Schwerin, has developed a course that trains people with disabilities as art mediators. The course not only teaches art history, but also skills in dealing in dealing and communicating with different visitors or in handling difficult situations.
                capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, New Ways to Art, Germany

              • This photo depicts a modern office setting with several individuals who appear to be engaged in their work. The men are dressed in traditional attire that suggests they might be from the Middle East, likely thobes and keffiyehs or ghutras. One man is on the phone, another is using a tablet, and two others are focused on papers or screens, possibly collaborating or conducting business. The environment suggests a professional atmosphere that values communication and technology. The image is a representation of a diverse workplace where cultural attire is embraced, highlighting themes of inclusion and respect for cultural identities.

                Inclusion of deaf students in higher education

                King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Saudi Arabia: Developed 'We ‘Hear’ You!' to improve Arabic language skills of deaf students. From 2018 to 2023, admissions of deaf students increased from 18 to 100 in fashion design and digital media.
                We “Hear” You!, Saudi Arabia