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              • Two girl are clapping their hands and a blind boy is touching something in front of him, getting information by  his teacher.

                A worldwide online library of good practices in Inclusive Education

                DIVERSA serves as a "resource bank" on inclusive education for educators, policy makers and other stakeholders. The website includes disability data, policies, and strategies as well as stories and articles. Although it is available in Portuguese only, DIVERSA has had users from more than 100 countries.
                Rodrigo Mendes Institute, DIVERSA, Brazil

              • Increasing diversity by increasing access to legal education

                IDIA’s project aims to empower marginalized communities through legal education, to sensitize them to law as a viable career option, and to support interested students in acquiring admission to leading law schools in India. IDIA also attempts to improve policies in the area of inclusive legal education and diversity within the legal profession.
                IDIA - Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education, India

              • The photo shows a group of children engaged in writing on a large chalkboard. They appear focused and are likely in a learning environment, possibly a classroom setting. The presence of a woman in traditional attire suggests that this might be in an Asian context. The children are of varying ages and are seated on the floor, which indicates an informal or resource-limited educational setting. This image reflects themes of education, community involvement, and the importance of providing learning opportunities for all children, regardless of their circumstances.

                School-readiness programmes piloting government engagement in mainstream inclusive education

                Fourth Wave's Schools Where All Belong, India: Supports children in 14 rural schools in Karnataka. Improved education access for over 60,000 children. In 2022, tasked with a training program for 30,000 participants.
                Schools Where All Belong, India

              • Mother claps her hands while her child is playing with toys attending early intervention therapy.

                Comprehensive Inclusive Education for indigenous communities

                ADISA is an NGO providing community-based Inclusive Education to children with disabilities from the indigenous community of Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. The integrated programme involves teachers, parents, students and the community. The annual cost fort he programme is approximately USD 60,000.
                ADISA - Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities, Inclusive Education Programme, Guatemala

              • A group of young men in uniforms stand during a wood work course and following the class.

                Inclusive Education policy in Namibia

                The policy defines eight guiding principles for inclusive education. Amon them are awareness raising, financial support or training for teachers and support staff as well as a curricular review to reflect the diversity of needs of all learners and a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the policy.
                Namibian Ministry of Arts, Education and Culture, Sector Policy on Inclusive Education, Namibia

              • The image shows a young child, likely of Southeast Asian descent, deeply engrossed in reading a book. The child is sitting at a wooden table, leaning forward with attention focused on the page. The environment appears to be a modest, open-air setting, possibly a home or community space, with personal items and a bicycle in the background. The scene evokes a sense of dedication to learning and the importance of education, regardless of one's surroundings. The child's engagement with the book is a powerful reminder of the universal value of literacy and knowledge.

                Inclusive education and vocational training in remote rural areas of South-East Asia

                Disability Development Services Programme (DDSP), Cambodia: Implements inclusive education projects in rural Pursat province. Integrated children with disabilities into mainstream schools, increasing inclusive class pupils from 255 to 1,105 by 2023.
                Mith Komar Pikar (‘Friends of Children with Disabilities’), Cambodia

              • Creating a role model of Inclusive Education

                Plan International Bangladesh aims to demonstrate that inclusive education can be implemented within existing systems, institutions and structures. The project includes 50 schools, more than 300 teachers and over 100 other relevant institutions as well as more than 20,000 students and out-of-school children.
                Plan International Bangladesh, Bangladesh

              • A holistic approach towards Inclusive Education in Bangladesh

                LCD initiated the project in Nilphamari, one of the poorest districts in the northern zone of Bangladesh. Rather than focusing on just one area of education, this project employed a holistic approach that addressed a variety of the main barriers for children with disabilities to enrol in and attend school, and aimed to ensure a sustainable impact.
                Leonard Cheshire Disability, Bangladesh

              • Project participants in uniforms  doing hands on activities in the the classroom.

                A national Inclusive Education policy promoting respect and lifelong learning

                Samoa's "Inclusive Education Policy" aims at inclusive and equitable quality education, as well as the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all. The government itself is responsible for implementing the policy. This takes place within the framework of a five-year plan that involves several ministries and NGOs.
                Samoa Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, Inclusive Education Policy, Samoa

              • Access to education for refugee children with disabilities

                The mission of this project is to improve the access to education for children with disabilities in the refugee camp of Gihembe (rural area) as well as in the town of Kigali (urban area) in Rwanda. After a pilot study, the initiative will share the results with its main partners, who are working on refugee issues in Rwanda.
                IRD - Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities, Rwanda