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              • Four children watching a story book video with sign language.

                Creating bilingual storybooks in written and sign language

                With the VL2 Storybook Creator deaf children can use touch screen tablets to read independently, but also to learn and even create texts in both sign language and printed text. The programme, also trains and supports the deaf community to develop vital skills – including filming, editing and translating.
                Gallaudet University, VL2 Storybook Creator, United States of America

              • Fighting unemployment from two sides: with training centres and by influencing legal frameworks

                4J sets up centres as a public-private partnership to provide vocational training for young people with disabilities from rural areas and places them in companies. Due to State Government participation in the programme, Y4J has been able to influence the legal framework towards pro-disability policies.
                Youth4Jobs Foundation, Centre for Persons with Disability Livelihoods (CPDL), India

              • A Sri Lankan man appearing to be blind holding the elbow of an elderly man who is looking at a lengthwise paper printed with different shapes held by another man. A group of men discussing behind them.

                Countrywide working group making elections more accessible

                Disability Inclusive Elections Sri Lanka’ is a working group of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Sri Lanka, which, in collaboration with the National Election Commission, has designed and implemented strategies and measures for the political and electoral inclusion of persons with disabilities.
                International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Disability Inclusive Elections Sri Lanka (DIESL) Technical Working Group, Sri Lanka

              • The image captures a tender moment between two young children sitting on a colorful play mat outdoors. The mat features vibrant sections of red, green, blue, and yellow, and the children are engaging with each other, suggesting a sense of curiosity and friendship. The background is a garden setting with a variety of plants and decorative elements, creating a peaceful and playful environment. The children's expressions and body language reflect innocence and the universal nature of childhood, transcending any specific cultural or geographic origin. The scene promotes themes of equality and tolerance, as the children interact without prejudice, exemplifying the pure and accepting nature of early childhood interactions.

                Early stimulation programme for children with Down Syndrome in an academic setting

                Centro UC Síndrome de Down, Chile: Offers a Developmental Stimulation Programme for children aged 0–6 with Down Syndrome, focusing on personal, cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal skills. Expanded from 15 children in 2017 to 48 in 2023.
                Programa de Estimulación Integral del Desarrollo (PEID) , Chile

              • Inclusive organic agriculture farming for all, with approximately half being persons with disabilities

                CBM cooperates with local partners across various states of India to train farmers, including people with disabilities, in organic farming and in supporting them by providing community loans for the procurement of equipment and livestock. By 2016 more than 11,000 farmers participated, 4,098 of whom were people with disabilities.
                CBM - Christoffel Blind Mission India, India

              • How to include regional DPOs in education programmes funded by international development agencies

                Sightsavers' Inclusive Futures, Multiple Countries: Integrates children with disabilities aged 4-14 into mainstream schools across five countries. Led by organizations of persons with disabilities, enrolled 1,607 children in 2021 and 2022, modeling international development funding.
                Inclusive Futures, Bangladesh

              • This image shows a close-up of an open book with a tactile picture that a child is exploring with their hand. The page visible contains a large printed fish and text that reads "Big Fish was alone because it was so big. It could not play with little fishes." The tactile image is a raised outline of the same fish, allowing a child, possibly with visual impairments, to feel and understand the picture through touch. The book appears to be an educational tool designed for inclusive learning, promoting accessibility and catering to the needs of children with different abilities. The image embodies themes of understanding, inclusivity, and the importance of providing equal opportunities for learning and engagement for all children.

                Technology converting complex textbooks into Braille within hours

                Sensee in California created AI technology converting text to Braille rapidly and accurately, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired individuals in STEM education. From 2020 to 2023, they converted 1.5 million books.
                Sensee, United States of America

              • The transportation and consultancy service enables young persons with disabilities to participate actively in society. The association helps the students to handle bureaucratic tasks and receive exemption from tuition fees.

                Through this service young persons with disabilities are enabled to participate actively in society and develop their potential. The service is free of charge and resulted in an increased number of students with disabilities, full participation in academic life as well as enhancement of their visibility in the local community.
                Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, Transport service for students in Montenegro, Montenegro

              • A project participant draws Comics, while being supported by a peer support woman

                Grassroots self-advocacy for children through self-created comics

                Grassroots Comics enables children with disabilities to express their personality and opinions through hand-drawn comics. The children receive four days of training and then draw their own story on paper. Each year, more than 1,000 Grassroots Comics are created by children with disabilities in India.
                CHAI - Catholic Health Association of India, Grassroots Comics, India

              • Children walking on a ramp to enter a school facility.

                Disability-inclusive communities in remote areas

                The programme focuses on prevention of childhood Disability, Community Based Rehabilitation and strengthening community systems in order to continue the work using resources provided by local government authorities. Between 2015 and 2017 approximately 5,000 persons have benefitted from Inspire2Care.
                Karuna Foundation, Inspire2Care, Nepal