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              • A new approach to labour inclusion

                To increase social inclusion POETA ("Partnership in Opportunities for Employment through Technology in the Americas") operates accessible centers to train people with disabilities in technology and vocational skills. In 2012, more than 1,500 allied companies also participated in awareness campaigns and activities.
                Trust for the Americas, A new approach to labour inclusion, Guatemala

              • Voices of Pacific Children with Disabilities_PRA_Photo1

                Giving a voice to children with disabilities

                The project seeks to develop a simple and effective method for children with disabilities to express or communicate their life priorities and human rights issues. Therefore project team developed a set of inclusive tools to overcome barriers in verbal or oral communication and made these available on the project website.
                Deakin University, Australia

              • The photo shows an individual who appears to be a man with a focused or contemplative expression. He is wearing a sweater with a geometric pattern and seems to be seated at a desk or table, suggesting a work or study environment. The background is out of focus, emphasizing the person in the foreground. There are no explicit elements in the image that denote themes of equality, tolerance, assistance, or justice, but the setting might imply a commitment to education or professional development, which can be associated with personal empowerment and opportunity.

                A free open-source tool for increasing cross-disability accessibility of computers

                Raising the Floor in Washington, D.C., launched Morphic in 2021, an open-source program streamlining access to computer accessibility features. By 2022, it had over a quarter million uses on public-use computers.
                Morphic, United States of America

              • A man who has had his right hand and left leg amputated sits next to an upturned bike in a workshop and examines the chain.

                Providing bicycles and training to support income-generation activities

                Since 2001, AABRAR has run a bicycle-training programme with a monthly intake of 20 participants. A trainer teaches the trainees how to repair and ride bicycles, which are modified by AABRAR's mechanics to accommodate the needs of the trainees' disabilities. By 2020, 7,000 people have been trained.
                AABRAR - Afghan Amputee Bicylists for Rehabilitation and Recreation, Bicycle Training Programme, Afghanistan

              • Girl sits in a bean bags, while reading on her tablet using Bookshare.

                Accessible eBook library with over 775,000 books in 47 languages

                Benetech’s software platform renders books and other print materials into five accessible digital formats.The organization works with 900 publishers and NGOs. Membership in Bookshare is free for eligible US students, while individuals from the US and other countries pay up to a maximum of USD 50 per year.
                Benetech, Bookshare, United States of America

              • The project team sit behind a table, which is covered with colorful toys at the Civil Service Excellence Award.

                Supporting inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream preschools

                AIM is a non-binding standard for early intervention services addressing children with disabilities. In agreement with the parents, pre-schools can apply for seven different measures for implementation: These include mentoring, support equipment, targeted therapy services as well as personnel and financial assistance.
                Irish Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, The Access and Inclusion Model (AIM), Ireland

              • A person using the email application.

                Making e-mail communication accessible for persons with intellectual disabilities

                Kolumba is an open source software that makes a Gmail account more accessible to persons with intellectual disabilities. Kolumba has three features that can be switched on and off on when needed: A Text and content simplifier (Simplext), a translation tool fort ext and pictrogram (Text2Picto) and a Text-to-speech feature.
                Prodis Foundation, Kolumba software, Spain

              • Finding employment by profound training

                Trainings include theoretical modules and a period of job sampling in the open labour market. The course material was written for and in collaboration with intellectually disabled people. There are no formal assessments, as many of the young adults are illiterate. Approximately 35 adults are trained each year.
                Living Link, South Africa

              • Finnish anti-bullying programme for schools going international

                With KiVa Anti-Bullying, the University of Turku has developed a comprehensive, research-based programme to reduce the spread and negative consequences of bullying in secondary schools. The programme has been used in schools nationwide since 2009 and was also available in six other countries in 2016.
                University of Turku, Finland

              • The photo depicts a diverse group of Asian children and a young adult engaged in a choral performance. They are dressed uniformly in black attire with white gloves, enhancing the visual harmony of the group. A young woman in a wheelchair is prominently included among the standing children, illustrating inclusivity and the normalization of disability within the community. The expressions on their faces range from concentration to joy, suggesting a shared experience of music and performance that transcends individual differences. The setting appears to be a well-lit, indoor space, likely a school or community center, fostering an environment of learning and cultural expression.

                A replicable model of an inclusive youth choir making music incorporating sign language

                White Hands Chorus Nippon by El Sistema Connect, Japan: Inclusive music choir merging deaf and hearing individuals. Grew from 35 to 98 members by 2023, offering free lessons and professional performances.
                The White Hands Chorus NIPPON, Japan