Announcing the Zero Project Awardees 2023!


The Zero Project announces the Awardees 2023 in the field of Independent Living & Political Participation, and ICT. 71 Innovative Solutions from 42 countries will receive the Zero Project Award at the Zero Project Conference 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

Green laurel wreath with the Zero Project Plant Logo and text: 2023. Text reads: Zero Project Awardees.

Innovation, Impact, Scalability

Out of 320 nominations, 156 nominations (from 64 countries) made it to the Zero Project Awardee 2023 Shortlist, based on an extensive multi-step peer-review process that were influenced by the three main criteria of evaluation; (1) innovation; (2) impact; and (3) scalability.

71 Awardees from 42 countries have been selected as the Zero Project Awardees 2023!

The Innovative Solutions come from all sectors of society – civil society, public sector, and private sector – with a high percentage of them using ICT-based approaches – to empower persons with disabilities to live more independent lives.

  • From cooperative personal assistance models to inclusive election guides:
  • from co-design toolkits to entrepreneurship programs;
  • from supported housing models to pioneering deinstitutionalization initiatives;
  • from accessible music programs to theatre for all;
  • from assistive technology to rights based approaches;
  • The Innovative Solutions provide a wide variety of solutions towards a world with greater independent living, political participation for all, and zero barriers.

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The full list of Zero Project Awardees 2023 & Innovative Solutions

The format of the list is sorted alphabetically by country of domicile of the organization. Under each country of domicile follows the Organization name - Project name. Then in brackets, the Zero Project code. In the bullet point underneath each Awardee is a short description of the project.


  • Youth Disability Advocacy Service/Youth Affairs Council Victoria - Young Leaders Programme. (1047)  
    • NGO developing young people for leadership positions 


  • die berater Unternehmensberatungs GmbH - Interaction avatar. (5030)  
    • Home-based children using a robot in classroom to learn and socialize
  • Pro mente Upper Austria - Wesenufer Hotel. (1213)  
    • Employment and training for persons with psychosocial disabilities in a hotel
  • Wiener Konzerthaus - SommerMusikWoche/Inclusive Music Programme. (1007)  
    • A leading concert hall offering a free and inclusive musical workshop week
  • WAG Assistenzgenossenschaft (WAG) - Cooperative personal assistance model in Austria. (4036)  
    • Facilitating personal assistance service provision to persons with disabilities 


    • Asociacion De Personas Con Discapacidad Fisica “Nueva Esperanza” (APCDF) - Programa Vida Independiente. (1288)  
      • Advanced life-skills training for wheelchair users


    • Instituto Jô Clemente (IJC) - Self-Defence Project . (1245)  
      • Self-advocacy group of persons with intellectual disabilities

    Burkina Faso

    • Light for the World - Inclusive Election Guide. (3031)  
      • An Inclusive Election Guide developed in a Sub-Saharan Country


    • Lilian Dibo Association (LDA) - Disability Voices Against Rape. (1203)  
      • Support programme for women with disabilities against sexual violence


    • Fable Tech Labs - Fable Upskill. (5079)  
      • Teaching inclusivity for digital designers through customized video courses


    • Fundación Vida Independiente - RED – Emprendedores con Discapacidad. (1250)  
      • Support programme for entrepreneurs with disabilities
    • Municipalidad de Cerro Navia - Plan 80. (3018)  
      • Providing personalized municipal care support for persons over the age of 80
    • National Electoral Service (SERVEL) - Sign Language Video Interpretation Service (3035)
      • Sign language video service to support the electoral participation of people with hearing disabilities


    • Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd - MTGPA Haptics. (5022)  
      • Haptic technology to improve mobile app accessibility


    • World Vision United States - Citizen, Voice, and Action (CVA). (1150)  
      • Easy-to-use method for connecting communities, service providers and the government

    Costa Rica

    • Morpho Independent Living Center - Law for the promotion of the personal autonomy of persons with disabilities (3022)  
      • Moving from the guardianship to the social autonomy model of disability"


    • Agence National Des Personnes Handicapées - SIGPH Management Information System for Persons with Disabilities. (5034)  
      • Government-led database for improved distribution of assistive technologies


    • Signes de sens - Ben le Koala. (1056)  
      • Teaching skills to children with autism using animated video


    • MOBILE – Selbstbestimmtes Leben Behinderter e.V. - Accompanied Parenthood. (1207)  
      • At-home support for parents with intellectual disabilities 
    • Capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Political Representation Programme. (1062)  
      • People with intellectual disabilities as editors, experts, or political representatives


    • Bapu Trust For Research on Mind & Discourse. (1059)  
      • Community-based support services to persons with psychosocial disabilities
    • Amar Seva Sangam - Paediatric Assistive Technology Provision Programme. (1115)  
      • Providing assistive technology for children in rural Asia


    • NLR Indonesia - My Body Is Mine (MBIM). (1272)  
      • Sexual and reproductive education for youth with leprosy and other disabilities


    • Saint John of God Liffey Service (SJOG) - App Toolkit. (1060)  
      • People with intellectual disabilities co-designing digital innovations


    • Tower of David Museum - Accessibility and Inclusion Programme. (1242)  
      • A museum in an ancient citadel as a role model for accessible sights
    • Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) - Self and collective advocacy and leadership development program. (1290)  
      • Persons with intellectual disabilities becoming self-advocates in politics
    • Enosh - MAOF entrepreneurship programme. (1066)  
      • Entrepreneurship support for persons with psychosocial disabilities
    •  Israel Elwyn –Transitioning from Sheltered Workshops to Mainstream Employment. (1041)  
      • Transfering persons with intellectual disabilities out of sheltered workshops
    • Krembo Wings - Paving the Way to Independent Life programme. (1146)  
      • Comprehensive support for young people with disabilities after school education
    • Shekulo Tov Group - SAME Programme. (1184)  
      • Social and recreational activities for persons with disabilities and their families
    • RightHear. (5018)  
      • Smartphone app that provides audio descriptions of surroundings
    • JDC Israel - Expanded Supported Housing. (1278)  
      • Supported housing for persons with complex disabilities


    • Deinstitutionalization of Muscular Dystrophy Wards. (1113)  
      • Pioneering de-institutionalization by involving broad networks of stakeholders 
    • Evixar Inc. - HELLO! MOVIE. (4027)  
      • Free mobile app and glasses that sync audio description and captions to movies


    • EnableMe Kenya - EnableMe Community platform. (5061)  
      • Nationwide platform for all disability-related information in a low-income country
    • Safaricom, NCPWD and i2i - NCPWD Career Portal. (4041)  
      • Online job-platform for persons with disabilities in a sub-Saharan country
    • Signs Media Kenya Limited - assistALL. (5005)  
      • Sign language translation app for accessing services and businesses


    • Social Security Organization of Malaysia - MYFutureJobs. (5056)  
      • Government-backed online job-portal for all people with disabilities 


    • Fundación Inclúyeme - Inclúyeme Adult Life programme. (1145)  
      • Housing and life-skills programme for adults with intellectual disabilities


      • Outlook Humanitarian Care Initiative - Interactive Audio Instruction. (1157)  
        • Using a mix of radio and digital content to train young learners in rural areas 

      North Macedonia

      • Brand Solution - Best Online Assistant. (5112)  
        • Jobs in digital marketing and social media for people with physical disabilities


      • Milla Says. (5038)  
        • App to support persons with speech and language difficulties to communicate


      • Federation of Portuguese Cerebral Palsy Associations - Accessible Vote System. (1284)  
        • Independent and secret voting for all


      • Asociatia Alfabetul Scripor - Scripor Alphabet. (1022)  
        • Promoting the use of the Scripor alphabet, tactile representations of colour


      • Sightsavers - Citizenship and political participation programme. (1046)  
        • Empowering people with disabilities to stand up in elections in Sub-Saharan Africa


      • Boarding School Milan Petrović - Accessible music programme. (1214)  
        • Music workshops and an orchestra for youth with disabilities


      • Digital Dream. (4008)  
        • Children with disabilities learning with interactive wall and floor projections
      • Disabled Peoples Association (DPA) - DisOrdinary Love. (1256)  
        • Programme enabling persons with disabilities to learn about sex and relationships

      South Africa

      • Shonaquip Social Enterprise - Parent Network. (1123)  
        • Digital-based support group for parents of children with disabilities


      • Support Girona - Open Space (Espai Obert). (1292)  
        • Facility supporting the social integration of people with psychosocial disabilities
      • Support Girona - Top House Housing Commission. (1248)  
        • People-centred housing services for persons with psychosocial disabilities 
      • Mouse4All. (5042)  
        • System to use any Android device without touching the screen

      Sri Lanka

      • International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) - Disability Inclusive Elections Sri Lanka (DIESL). (1205) 
        • Countrywide working group making elections more accessible


      • Funka - Funkabutiken. (5114)  
        • Online game for practicing shopping and making payments online
      • Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan - My choice/My election. (1188)  
        • Study circles supporting persons with intellectual disabilities in political processes 


      • National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction - Disaster Preparedness Handbook. (3004)  
        • Creating a disability-inclusive handbook for disaster preparedness


      • Türkiye İşitme Engelliler Derneği (TIED) - Bilingual stories. (1253)  
        • Storytelling mobile app for children who are deaf or blind
      • Türkiye Down Syndrome Association.- My Voice, My Society. (1139)  
        • Facilitated self-advocacy groups for people with Down Syndrome


      • Uganda National Self-Advocacy Initiative (UNSAI) - Support my Choice Programme. (1217)  
        • Peer-led organization of persons with psychosocial disabilities in Subsaharan Africa


      • International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine. (1221)  
        • QR Codes used to inform voters who are blind or deaf about voting procedures

      United Arab Emirates

      • Key2Enable - Key-X. (4034)  
        • Computer keyboard with only 11 buttons for people with motor impairments

      United Nations

      • UNPRPD / Inclusion International / UNDP publication - Toolkit for Political Participation. (3041)  
        • Election policy toolkit of a UN agency for persons with intellectual disabilities

      United States

          • Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD) - Smart Living. (1152)  
            • Smart technology supporting persons with intellectual disabilities staying at home alone
          • Our Ability, Inc. - Jobs Ability. (5097)  
            • An online accessible skills-driven job platform
            • Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD) - Access to Theatre. (1144)  
              • Theatre arts programme for youth with disabilities
            • Google - Lookout. (5093)  
              • A smartphone app using the camera to describe all sorts of objects and text around the user
            • Rincon Family Services - The Living Room. (1185)  
              • Multifaceted relief programme for people struggling with their mental health
            • Keystone Human Services - Technology for Independent Living. (1024)  
              • Adapting smart technology to support services for persons with intellectual disabilities
            • Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities (RAMPD) - Lachi Music LLC (4007)  
              • Disability-led network for promoting professional artists and musicians
            • The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) - ENGAGE. (1030)  
              • Political leadership courses for young people with disabilities in Africa, Asia, and Ukraine

              Viet Nam

              • Liliane Fonds - BodyTalk. (1243)  
                • Trainings on sexual and reproductive health for youth with disabilities