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              • The Accessibility Strategy of Grenoble

                In 2015 Grenoble developed a nine-year plan to make the city fully accessible – including all areas of public institutions, schools, sports and leisure facilities as well as the entire public transport system. The Accessibility Agenda is based on Universal Design principles and aims to cover all 49 communities by 2024.
                Grenoble-Alpes Métropole Community, France – Municipality of Grenoble – L’Agenda d’accessibilité programmée, France

              • A screenshot from a website, where the term "environnment" is explained in a text dictionary entry on the right side, and a still picture of a video showing a woman using sign language

                Web-browser extension for looking up explanations in sign language

                Elix Dictionary was developed by the French NGO Signes de Sens. It is a bilingual video dictionary in French Sign Language. With free extension for web browsers, Elix Bubble users can access Elix Dictionary by right-clicking on a word without leaving the website.
                Signes de sens, La Bulle Elix, France

              • Employment of the hearing impaired

                Sabooj is a French communications agency. In 2012 it was the only one of 500 so called "Entreprises Adaptées" (EA), with special facilities for providing employment for disabled. More than 80% of Sabooj's workers have disabilities. , i.e. hearing impairment. Sabojee has 70 clients of whom 75% are big companies.
                Sabooj, Employment of the hearing impaired, France

              • Guidelines for accessible elections in Europe

                The outcomes of the ADAP project include developing recommendations for accessible elections in Europe – in both regular and easy-to-read versions in 21 languages – covering legislation, accessible information, support for decision-making etc. as well as collection of good practices from 27 European countries (in 3 languages).
                Inclusion Europe, France

              • Acceo offers telephone services to enable conversations between persons with hearing impairments and hearing persons. Registered companies can provide a new dimension in customer service by enabling communication with the hearing impaired.

                Acceo enables phone conversations between persons with hearing impairments and hearing persons. Via a internet connection, real-time video interpretation in Sign Language and Instant Transcript Word can be offered. The service is free of charge for the user, companies offering this service cover the cost.
                Delta Process, Service provider for accessible phone calls, France

              • Three men with masks work on a three-wheel bicycle. Two work at the front and one fixes something in the back. They are in a working environment

                Open space to invent and make tailor-made technical aids for persons with disabilities

                My Human Kit is a private association and a pioneer in the production of low-cost technical aids based on Open Source. Since the opening of the first 'Humanlab' in the French city of Rennes in 2016, Humanlab has enabled the production of more than 100 technical aids and welcomed more than 1,500 people.
                My Human Kit, Humanlab, a Fablab dedicated to disabilities, France

              • A man sits at a desk with two computer screens in front of him. He is communicating in sign language. On the screen, a sign language interpreter is visible via a video link.

                Remote sign language interpretation and transcription for professional users

                Tadeo offers automatic instant transcription and video sign language on demand. The service is offered by subscription, and users are guaranteed immediate availability. As of 2020, Tadeo has over 100 employees providing services to nearly 400 private companies and public authorities throughout France.
                Delta Process - Tadeo, Tadeo, France

              • The Mission of Artesens from France: Learning about art while touching tactile reproductions and experiencing moments of emotion and aesthetic pleasure during interactive plays.

                Artesens designes inclusive exhibitions. Children and adults with and without disabilities discover their cultural heritage based on a sensitive, artistic and playful approach. Paintings are reproduced and historical objects are experienced in interactive roleplays. Artesens also reproduces art and develops training packages.
                Association Artesens, Experiencing art through different senses, France

              • The image shows a hand touching the surface of a touch screen device that depicts a design plan for the Parc de La Villette in Paris with its buildings, parks and streets.

                Inclusive design agency promoting access to arts and culture

                By combining digital and multisensory elements, Tactile Studio, a design agency from France, designs accessible experiences for museums and other cultural institutions aimed at people with visual impairments, combining digital and multisensory elements.
                Tactile Studio France, Inclusive & multi-sensory pathways, France

              • The EBU job website tells visually impaired people, employers and policy makers across Europe about the huge range of jobs undertaken by visually impaired people. It is part of a range of work carried out by EBU to examine, promote, and facilitate the employment of blind and partially sighted people.
                EBU - European Blind Union, An employment resource for the visually impaired, France