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              • A man wearing a surgical mask, a black jacket, a blue lanyard with pink ribbon and a stethoscope around his neck is holding a phone on his right ear and standing in a sidewalk facing a house.

                Providing personalized municipal care support for persons over the age of 80

                In 2020 the municipality of Cerro Navia, in Chile’s capital region of Santiago, launched ‘Plan 80’ – a person-centred monitoring, follow-up, and support programme for persons with and without disabilities over the age of 80. By end of 2021 the programme had supported over 3,700 beneficiaries.
                Cerro Navia Municipality, Plan 80, Chile

              • In her office a young woman with red hair and a leopard patterned blouse sits in front of a screen and participates in an online accessibility training course.

                Online accessibility training for civil servants

                SENADIS, the National Disability Service of Chile, launched an online accessibility training programme for civil servants, called Preparados para Incluir, that offered three courses centred around accessibility, its legal framework, general principles, and access to ICT.
                SENADIS - National Service for the Disabled Chile, Preparados para Incluir (Ready to Include), Chile

              • A group of young adults, with and without physical disabilities standing in front of a parking space for people with wheelchairs.

                Planning and building accessible cities, simplified

                In 2002 CCA began to publish graphic accessibility guides in the form of leaflets called "Accessible Thematic Files." By 2017, 13 Files have been published, supporting municipalities, planning institutions, and the public with the aim of accelerating the planning of accessible environments, buildings, and towns.
                Corporación Ciudad Accesible, Graphic Accessibility Guides, Chile

              • A person's right hand placed on top of the left hand with red bracelet in front of a laptop. On the laptop screen is a bearded man seated with background "SERVEL" printed his thumb pointing up on the screen.

                Sign language video support for the electoral participation of people with hearing disabilities

                In 2021 the National Electoral Service SERVEL, which is responsible for conducting elections and voting in Chile, introduced a permanent video interpretation service in Chilean sign language on its website to support voter participation by people with hearing disabilities. In the same year 340 people used this service.
                SERVEL - Electoral Service of Chile, The Sign Language Video Interpretation Service of SERVEL, Chile

              • Man with head phones sits in front of microphone, recording for an online radio program.

                A three-year vocational training programme for students with intellectual disabilities

                The "Diploma in Working Skills" is a three-year programme for people with learning difficulties to develop employment skills. Both professional and social competences are taught during the training. The programme takes place on the university campus and students have access to all extracurricular activities on site.
                Andres Bello University, Socio-labour training programme in a university setting, Chile

              • A lady is cleaning a tire of a car. She has some cleaning material and a brush in her hand. She is wearing head phones.

                Ecological car washing service employing a majority of people with disabilities

                SecoChile is an eco-washing service for cars, where most of the employees are people with disabilities. There are 45 registered (corporate) customers, serviced by 300 employees nationwide. The income is 15 per cent above the minimum wage in Chile. In 2019 a home-washing service was implemented.
                SecoChile, Seco Chile, Chile

              • CETRAM is a community-based organisation which helps to find personalised solutions for individual needs in regard to wellness and health. It offers technical aids and assistive technology at low cost at home.

                CETRAM aims to include educational and technological assistance as well as social, analytical and political elements. An interdisciplinary team identifies and finds solutions to problems in regard to the health system that violate the fundamental rights of the people with disabilities involved, especially intellectual ones.
                CETRAM - Center of Movement Disorders, Customising health solutions, Chile

              • The image captures a tender moment between two young children sitting on a colorful play mat outdoors. The mat features vibrant sections of red, green, blue, and yellow, and the children are engaging with each other, suggesting a sense of curiosity and friendship. The background is a garden setting with a variety of plants and decorative elements, creating a peaceful and playful environment. The children's expressions and body language reflect innocence and the universal nature of childhood, transcending any specific cultural or geographic origin. The scene promotes themes of equality and tolerance, as the children interact without prejudice, exemplifying the pure and accepting nature of early childhood interactions.

                Early stimulation programme for children with Down Syndrome in an academic setting

                Centro UC Síndrome de Down, Chile: Offers a Developmental Stimulation Programme for children aged 0–6 with Down Syndrome, focusing on personal, cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal skills. Expanded from 15 children in 2017 to 48 in 2023.
                Programa de Estimulación Integral del Desarrollo (PEID) , Chile

              • Beneficiaries of the More Capable Programme © SENCE

                Training and placing the vulnerable in Chile

                The programme supports financially particularly disadvantaged women, young people and people with disabilities on their way into the labour market through skills training, supported employment, and labour intermediation. In 2016, 5,235 people with disabilities were given the opportunity to receive training.
                Chilean National Training and Employment Service, More Capable Programme of 2014-2018
National Training and Employment Service (SENCE), Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Chile, Chile

              • A grey haired man holds up a mobile phone and makes a gesture with his hands. In the background is a shop assistant watching the scene.

                Business service offering video-based live interpretation in sign and other languages

                Vi-Sor links users with interpreters for real-time conversations in different languages, including sign language, and can be accessed in several ways depending on the situation. As of 2020, Vi-Sor is active in more than 1,100 offices offering a range of services and has supported more than 50,000 conversations.
                Red Apis, Vi-Sor, Chile