Voter and Civic Education

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Inclusive campaigning means educating every voter, persons with disabilities included, to make a rational choice regardless of their literacy, social status, or gender. We welcome nominations that feature inclusive voter education. 

Persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities are more often excluded due to the belief that they do not make sound choices.

Educating people with disabilities about the importance of their votes and participation on public administration builds their confidence and gives importance to their role in society. Inclusive voter education empowers them to make a sound choice on the best candidate that espouses their needs.

Civic education not only provides opportunity for them to express their opinion on social matters especially those involving them but more importantly it capacitates them to create positive impact to society.

Nominations shall not contain:

  • Projects on non-inclusive political models
  • Projects that do not respect the rights of persons with disabilities
  • Projects that stick with traditional consultation process and policies
  • Projects that are discriminatory towards other disabilities

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