The Story of Abdul Bashir: Microfinancing to earn an income for the “breadwinner” of a family of eight

“Today, I earn enough to support my family of eight people.” Abdul Bashir, who has a physical disability, is a beneficiary of the micro finance programme sponsored by the Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Programme (AREDP). A native of the Big Mohammad Khail village in in Afghanistan’s Parwan province, he is the breadwinner of a family […]


Preparing young people for real jobs in bakeries by Caritas

A bakery in Upper Austria and Caritas have organized Backma`s, a project that provides vocational on-the-job training for adolescents with disabilities. Under the supervision of mentors, the apprentices acquire practical skills in the production of pastries in a full-fledged working bakery in Linz so that they are then able to find employment in the open labour market.

A business approach to sustainable community living by Digicel Foundation Jamaica

Mustard Seed Communities, a project of the Digicel Foundation Jamaica, facilitates the development of minimum assisted-living communities and provides employment for persons with disabilities by offering housing solutions and economic viability via skills training and equipment. The skills training provided in craft and furniture-making increases the employability of people with disabilities, while the provision of fishery, egg, and chicken materials increases the self-reliance of their assisted living facilities via enterprise development.