Awardee of the Day:

Global Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Governance, United Kingdom


Today we highlight the "Global Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Governance" developed by Atos from France.

Atos introduced this programme to make the workplace accessible for all their employees with disabilities - by 2021, it has already been carried out in 71 countries and follows a four-step process:

1) developing inclusive technology;
2) providing accessible solutions and services;
3) living inclusion internally, with partners and customers, starting with procurement staff, and ending with 4) leading by example in transparency and inclusion in reporting.

The "Global Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Governance" is one 76 Zero Project Awardees from 35 countries that create and improve accessibility for all.

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Music - "Visual Traveling" by RimskyMusic.
Sign Language Interpreter – Sandra Schügerl

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