Innovative Practices 2016 on Education and ICT

Transforming special schools into Support Centres

The mission of this project is to increase the access to and the quality of education for children with disabilities in 18 districts of the three provinces of Cao Bang, Dak Lak, and Phu Yen. , by establishing support centres or the transformation of special schools into support centres.

“The high number of children with disabilities getting support means a lot, but the quality of the support is even more meaningful.”

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About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Support centres
Organisation:Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam (MCNV)
of Implementation


  • In addition to about 150 children who are already attending a special education programme during the 2015–2016 school year, around 200 children are receiving early intervention services in three centres.
  • About 2,500 teachers and education staff/managers have been qualified to work with children with disabilities via various courses (running from just one or two days up to three years).
  • More than 2,000 children with disabilities in the three project provinces have benefited from the project.

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The project targets four key problems affecting children with disabilities: (1) the late detection of developmental delays and disabilities, (2) low school enrolment rates, (3) poor academic performance, and (4) high drop-out rates.


The project advocated for the establishment of support centres or the transformation of special schools into support centres, and provided technical support for the centres to mandate the early detection, early intervention, and support for Inclusive Education for children with disabilities. The project staff conducts three groups of activities. The first group targets children under the age of six in communities and kindergartens to identify symptoms of developmental delays and disabilities so that early intervention activities can be provided or they can be referred to suitable services. All of these children are prepared for inclusion in the community and most can make inclusion a reality for themselves. The second group of activities targets children with disabilities who can join mainstream education or are already in mainstream schools to provide them with intensive teaching aimed at their specific needs, and also to provide their teachers and educators with expertise in special needs education. The third group targets children with severe disabilities in special schools or support centres by providing them with specific special schooling appropriate to their needs and according to the type and degree of disability.


Three more districts of Phu Yen provinces will be supported in 2016, and around 500 more teachers, health workers, and representatives from various sectors will be provided with short training courses on disability in 2015 and 2016. Project staff also want to withdraw support from one of the three centres, leaving it to be managed by the government both technically and financially.


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Nominated by: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam