Innovative Practices 2016 on Education and ICT

Reducing all forms of prejudice-based bullying

The project has worked with schools to create a guide to help educate people on issues of prejudice. Precise and accessible reference cards covering all aspects of equality and school life offer key information, practical advice, suggested activities, examples of good practices, equality monitoring tools, and sources for further information and support.

“The guide is extremely clear and user-friendly. It will be my go-to place from now on.”

A User and Learning Mentor from Bristol, UK
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Reducing all forms of prejudice-based bullying
Organisation:Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE): Equality – make it happen!
of Implementation
United Kingdom


  • 100 copies of a pilot edition were distributed in spring 2015 to primary and secondary schools throughout England and to other key stakeholders, and the guide was then revised based on feedback received. Funding has allowed for a print run of 3,000 copies of the first edition in time for the beginning of the 2015–2016 school year.
  • 100% of pilot respondents noted that the guide helps to increase staff knowledge, skills, and confidence.
  • 85.8% of respondents said they would recommend the guide to a colleague, and 78.5% believe the guide can help reduce all forms of prejudice-based bullying.


Despite national laws and policies in support of equality, prejudice and discrimination are still present in many schools, leaving children and young people feeling marginalized or excluded. There is a pressing need to change current attitudes and practices in education so that diversity can be better understood. For this reason, the project has worked with schools to create a new guide to help educate people on issues of prejudice and, in so doing, bring it to an end.


“Equality: Making It Happen” is a practical and user-friendly guide to help schools address equality in all of its aspects. It has been developed by CSIE in close collaboration with eight schools and with contributions from many more. The guide is presented as a three-panel folder.  On the left are pull-out reference cards that reflect the protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010: disability, including learning difficulties; sex and gender identity; sexual orientation; culture/ethnicity; religion or belief; pregnancy & maternity; and socio-economic background. Each card offers practical suggestions for action and, on the reverse, key facts and sources of further information and support. The middle section contains equality monitoring questionnaires for students, parents, and school staff  and governors; frequently asked questions on key equality challenges to education; information about the law on equality in education; suggested activities for helping students learn about equality, diversity, and human rights and for involving them in protecting children’s rights in school; a section on core values; and information about the guide. On the right are  cards that address various aspects of school life. Each card offers practical suggestions for action and, on the reverse, examples of good practices. A CD is also included with electronic copies of all printed materials and additional resources. Materials can be used for teaching and learning activities, assemblies, peer mentoring, school councils, curriculum reviews, staff training, and whole school development.


The guide is well suited to adaptation and use in other countries. Other than initial adaptation and production costs, “Equality: Making It Happen” requires no further costs in order to make a substantial impact in schools. Training to support use of the guide has also been developed. Four Equality Workshops were delivered in June, and more will be offered in the UK during the next academic year.


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