Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

Labour integration in rural areas

The integration in the workplace of those people who are at the greatest risk of social exclusion, especially people with disabilities.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Labour integration in rural areas
Organisation:The Siro Group
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The Siro Group has 25 centres, which employ over 3,600 people. Specifically, it has 16 factories located in rural areas. Of the 3,724 employees, 502 are persons with disabilities, who in total represent over 13% of the workforce. In the case of the Palencia centre, 358 employees out of a total of 1,220 are persons with disabilities.


The Siro Group is one of the largest industrial groups in the food sector in Spain. It is present in six food businesses (crackers, pasta, bread, pastries, cakes, cereals and research and development), occupying an important position in each of them.

The Siro Group has implemented, among others, the following measures:

–      An Integration Policy for people with disabilities in all workplaces that exceeds the legal framework (a quota reserve of 2% in companies with 50 or more workers) and has the goal of reaching 10%

–      The group has established a Corporate Responsibility Policy based on Profitable Social Commitment; it fosters a sustainable business model, based on economic efficiency, social development and helping to care for the environment

–      An Equal Treatment Policy of all persons, together with Diversity Management

–      Participation in collaborative social action programmes to promote social integration of people with disabilities (Paralympic Friends, Forum ONCE Foundation, Obra Social of “la Caixa”, agreements with universities and vocational training centres, etc.)

–      Creation of the Grupo Siro Foundation, including in its founding aims that of promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities

–      A policy of employment of PWD, based on internal promotion and career development





Francisco Hevia
Director of Communication and Social Corporate Responsibility
The Siro Group
Pº Pintor Rosales, 40, 28008 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 91 454 78 00

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