Innovative Practice 2017 on Employment, Work and Vocational Education and Training

A voluntary certificate for organizations willing to commit to CSR and disability

The Bequal Foundation has created a certificate that focuses on disability as an integral part of corporate social responsibility. To the knowledge of the Bequal Foundation and the Zero Project, it is the only certificate on disability endorsed by people with disabilities themselves. Collaborating with other organizations – such as Fundacion ONCE, CERMI, FEACEM, and the Seeliger y Conde Foundation –a standard was developed that encompasses the employment of people with disabilities as a key point in corporate social responsibility.

“The certificate is not only recognition of our good management model, but it is a continuous improvement process.”

Ms. Marisol PérezDeputy Director of Corporate Culture, Repsol
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:A voluntary certificate for organizations willing to commit to CSR and disability
Organisation:Bequal Foundation – Bequal Certificate on Corporate Social Responsibility and Disability (CSR-D)
of Implementation


Since 2012 the Bequal Foundation has:

    • Trained nine licensed external independent auditors with disabilities
    • Certified 145 organizations


Even within the ranks of companies that take corporate social responsibility seriously, inclusion of people with disabilities is often overlooked.


The CSR-D certificate represents the adoption of a standard structured on 7 categories, with 19 indicators and 69 sources of verification. There are three levels of certification: Bequal, Bequal Plus, and Bequal Premium, thus encouraging continuous CSR development of the company. The audit for the certifying process is conducted by external licensed consultants.
The certificate is issued with validity for three years, and assessments are conducted on an annual basis in order to ensure the accredited criteria are continuously met. The certificate criteria address and have direct impact on the accredited companies’ recruitment and human resources policies, and on the retention and rehabilitation of workers with disabilities. Since 2013, Bequal has worked with 145 organizations, all of which have obtained the certificate after initially implementing the model. By doing so, the companies have not only improved their initial inclusion and accessibility conditions but have also improved the accessibility of their products, services, and communication.


The average cost for certification is €7,000, 40 per cent of which is allocated for covering the expenses of external independent auditors and inspectors. The Bequal certificate represents a model that can be copied, and that encourages its owners to include employment of people with disabilities in its business strategy.


Ms. Yolanda SUTIL
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