Innovative Practices 2016 on Education and ICT

An e-learning platform for audio and video learning materials

The School Portal Milance has created an e-learning platform, based on the software Moodle, on which users can get basic information on several subjects free of charge. Currently, it covers language skills, mathematics, and science in various audio and video formats, and can also be used in school Intranets. To reach children with disabilities who do not attend school, the project team has organized seminars for associations of parents of children with disabilities.

“I can learn at my own pace; I can go back and forth through lessons and I never get a bad mark … I just learn anytime, anywhere.”

NikolaProject Participant, age 17
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:e-learning platform
Organisation:Elementary and Secondary Boarding School “Milan Petrovic”
of Implementation


  • The portal has 1,500 to 2,000 visitors every month from all countries within the region where the Serbian language is understood.
  • More than 30 people have been trained on how to produce lessons for the e-learning platform, and 246 lessons have been created to date.
  • The content of the portal is available for teachers and students from regular and special schools in Serbia and the surrounding region.
  • The portal is used both for independent learning and as an addition to regular classes.

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Article three of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities demands the full and effective participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in society; that they not be excluded from the general education system; and that they can get access to an inclusive, quality, and free primary and secondary education.


The e-learning platform, which through the use of Windows accessibility settings is fully accessible for all, offers the possibility to learn about such key subjects as the Serbian language, mathematics, and science. Platform content is divided into various lessons so that each child is able to find the appropriate content regardless of his/her age. Content is offered in a variety of audio and video materials, according to the national curriculum for primary and secondary schools, and is available in Serbian (in the Cyrillic alphabet). The tests that are offered to examine ones knowledge are designed to promote learning and are not meant for grading. The portal can also be used offline via a school Intranet. The portal is disseminated via informing teachers and other specialists during seminars and lectures in Serbia and the surrounding region; leaflets were published and distributed to various stakeholders; and the project was presented at education fairs in Serbia. After completion of a unit, each student fills out an evaluation form, which is then read by the administrators of the platform. Changes are continually being made to improve the way the platform meets the needs of children with disabilities. The platform is financed by the city of Novi Sad.

Because the platform is available as an online source and was developed using Moodle as a basis, the project can be easily accessed and replicated and its content used worldwide simply through the process of translation. The project team wants to increase the number of participants, and therefore continues to promote the platform. Going forward, the team will also further expand the platform content.


Ms. Mirjana LAZOR
Elementary and Secondary Boarding School “Milan Petrovic”
+381 64 195 4278

Nominated by: Mirjana Lazor, Elementary and Secondary Boarding School “Milan Petrovic”