Innovative Practice 2017 on Employment, Work and Vocational Education and Training

Offering the services of well-trained persons with intellectual disabilities to private-sector companies

Established in 1995, Pentru Voi Foundation is a non-profit organizationthat provides community-based services and advocate for the rights, inclusion, and welfare of persons with intellectual disabilities. At the foundation’s three social centres located throughout Timisoara, Romania, more than 200 persons with intellectual disabilities have received a variety of services to prepare them for employment opportunities.

“I like to be employed, to have my salary, and to be independent. I like to work every day and to have colleagues. I do not want to stay home alone.”

Cristina Csizsec Pentru Voi Foundation beneficiary
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Offering the services of well-trained persons with intellectual disabilities to private-sector companies
Organisation:Pentru Voi Foundation – Social Enterprises
of Implementation


    • Beneficiaries in 2014: 196
    • Beneficiaries in 2015: 200
    • Beneficiaries in 2016: 200


Almost all persons with intellectual disabilities in Romania are unemployed, primarily due to lack of support and educational opportunities. Of the known 112.519 adults with intellectual disabilities living in Romania, only 809 were employed as of March 2016).


With its Social Enterprises programme the Pentru Voi Foundation promotes the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the work place through various activities, including:
  • Personnel leasing: Under the supervision of a support person, the foundation leases its trainees to various companies for a specified period.
  • Job coaching and skills enhancement training.
  • Collaborations with various companies whereby persons with disabilities, supervised by a support person, are appointed to tasks such as assembling, sorting, recycling, packing, green space care, parking space demarcation, electronic components testing, and cleaning.

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Clients of these services are primarily private companies (about 90 per cent) and some public institutions (10 per cent), including Vodafone Romania, Continental Automotive, Nestlé, Kromberg & Shubert Romania, and Smithfield Foods.


The social enterprise model is transferable and can be replicated on a national or European level. Moreover, the Pentru Voi Foundation promotes the model at national and international conferences and through a variety of media publications. The foundation states that in 2009 it influenced the modification of Romanian Law 448/2006, which addresses the protection and promotion of rights of persons with disabilities regarding employment. In addition, the foundation’s social services were the basis for drafting the quality standards for day-centres and protected housing in Romania.


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