Innovative Practice 2021 on Inclusive Employment and ICT

Remote sign language interpretation and transcription for professional users

Tadeo is a for-profit company based in Paris. It offers a communication platform where trained operators provide simultaneous transcription and video sign language interpretation to support communication between people who are deaf and their non-deaf colleagues, customers, and partners – in meetings, video conferences, and phone calls. Tadeo is available as an annual subscription service. As of 2020, Tadeo has 120 employees providing services to nearly 400 public and private organizations.

“Tadeo is a huge help to me. I can make calls, participate in meetings – it gives me full autonomy.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Tadeo
of Implementation
Start Year2007
Sub-CategoryA project related to ICT


  • Increase in hourly volume of calls: 2017: 11.5 per cent; 2018: 6.5 per cent; 2019: 5.5 per cent
  • Tadeo employs 120 persons, 10 per cent of whom are persons with disabilities


Communication between colleagues who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing can be difficult during meetings, conferences, and telephone calls.


Tadeo is a communication platform that offers on-demand sign language video interpretation, Cued Speech and Live Speech Transcription, both in French and English. It is targeted towards all professional communications, and can be used in telephone calls, interviews, meetings, video conferences, and conference calls.

Tadeo is a proprietary software that can be combined with web conference services such as Zoom or WebEx. Users enjoy unlimited access to the service and are guaranteed immediate availability of operators, with a commitment of at least 95 per cent of calls answered within 30 seconds. 

Another key aspect is that Tadeo provides a very secure environment allowing to comply with every kind of IT and confidentiality requirements. To support this service, Tadeo employs 75 operators. Tadeo was founded in 2007 and has seen an average annual increase in volume of calls between 2017 and 2019 of 8 per cent. From 2015 to 2020, Tadeo doubled its number of employees.

A man sits at a desk with two computer screens in front of him. He is communicating in sign language. On the screen, a sign language interpreter is visible via a video link.

A man who is deaf makes a phone call using a Tadeo video sign language interpreter.


Tadeo runs on an annual fee model for companies. There is a flat fee rate, which is dependent of the organization and is not correlated to frequency or the duration of the calls.

Tadeo has a dedicated sales team in place and closely works with the personnel departments of future clients and their designated users. The organization is keen to ensure that client personnel do not hesitate to use the services. 

The annual subscriptions support the long-term planning of the transcribers and interpreters needed to guarantee the availability of the service to all users. Tadeo has users in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States


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  • Tadeo video (French, English subtitles)
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