Innovative Practice 2018 on Accessibility

Accessible equipment for children´s playgrounds

MagikMe is a social enterprise founded by five parents of children with disabilities. Together with a group of experts, the founders created a range of specially designed playground equipment that allows children with disabilities to get out of their pushchairs and wheelchairs and join in the play. To date, the equipment has been installed in more than 40 public and nursery playgrounds throughout Hungary.

“There are no words to describe how happy I am seeing Jancsi playing with other children on the playground. He truly enjoys having fun there.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Accessible equipment for children´s playgrounds
of Implementation


  • The equipment has been installed in 46 playgrounds in Hungary.
  • Two products have been produced and more are in the pipeline.


Families of children with disabilities often feel excluded from playgrounds, one of the most important socializing places for children and families. Average playgrounds might be accessible by wheelchair, but most of the equipment is not suitable for children with disabilities and does not allow them to play together with non-disabled peers.


Before MagikMe was launched there was no playground equipment that encouraged children with disabilities to play with other children. Further, some existing equipment is designed for solitary play only. MagikMe has developed equipment that is suitable for children with disabilities and that encourages children with and without disabilities to play together.
Three children using the rocker on a playground.
Two products, a rocker and a sandbox, are already on the market. These are manufactured in Hungary, comply with EU standards, and have passed various safety tests. This equipment has been installed in 46 playgrounds, and MagikMe has plans to produce five to six additional products so as to offer an inclusive playground equipment package. Moreover, MagikMe provides advice on inclusion in play and actively advocates inclusion through its charity efforts and with the help of partner organizations.
The immediate impact of the playground equipment is that disabled children can play in an appropriate way. Currently, MagikMe conducts ad-hoc interviews with playground users to get feedback on its products. With more resources, the company plans to collect data more systematically on how many children with disabilities use this playground equipment and what improvements and changes are desired.


The MagikMe Inclusive Play has been growing since its start. A crowdfunding campaign allowed the company to finish the design of its first model – Pillango – a four-seat rocker. Through the revenues generated, the second Two children playing together on the sandbox.model – Bucka – an elevated sandbox, was financed. As of mid-2017, the third product – a three-seated swing – is being designed. Approximately 20,000 Euro has been invested, and during fiscal year 2015–2016 the company had revenues of 25,000 Euro.
MagikMe has plans to go international and to roll-out its products in many European countries. The venture is selling its products and consulting services to local governments and retailers of playground equipment. The company is also evaluating a licence model to accelerate growth. MagikMe is a self-sustaining social business and generates profits, which are reinvested.

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