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App to indicate accessibility in Spanish cities

FAMMA Accessibility is an application that aims to promote personal independence of persons with disabilities and/or reduced mobility. This is a free app, which incorporates currently 30.586 barrier-free interest points throughout Spain.

“FAMMA promotes personal autonomy and independence of people with disabilities and/or reduced mobility.”

Javier FONT
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:ACCESSIBILITY FAMMA APP
Organisation:FAMMA-Cocemfe Madrid
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with reduced mobility
Approach/ model/ solution:Free App, support to find barrier-free points of interests


  • In September 2012, Bankinter joins the project
  • In June 2013, the app is presented to patients of the National Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo
  • The app has a total of 30.586 references accessible locations throughout Spain
  • Available in English and Spanish


To get information about barrier-free points of interests is difficult. Often it is not obvious if gas stations, banks, restaurants etc. are free of barriers. The app aims at creating more and more places of interest throughout Spain accessible and free of barriers.



This app aims not only to provide mobility to people with disabilities and/or reduced mobility. FAMMA is an app, which is compatible to mobile phones and tablets that show points of interests which are accessible for persons with reduced mobility. So it can be used to find barrier-free gas stations, banks, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers and other places or facilities. It shows points of interests which are around the user via geo-location.




At present, the federation technicians, who are responsible for updating the barrier-free points of interest, try to create an application in this field which can be used in everyday life. The vision is that this app becomes fundamental for persons who need information about accessible and barrier-free routes.


FAMMA- App to indicate accessibility in Spanish cities


A user with limited mobility geolocates closest accessible points.


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Javier FONT
FAMMA-Cocemfe Madrid
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Nominated by FAMMA-Cocemfe Madrid