Innovative Practices 2015 on Independent Living and Political Participation

Helpline and platform on personalised care

The project provides advice and information to disabled people on receiving community-care direct payments, creating an individual budget, securing social service funding in relation to care needs, and getting general advice on employing personal assistants. A free download area on the project website ( ) and a bi-monthly newsletter share personal stories and Q&A sections with a broad audience.

“We deliver a knowledge-sharing platform on personalised care to allow disabled people to access the same rights and opportunities as their non-disabled peers.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Helpline and platform on personalised care
Organisation:Disability Rights UK
of Implementation
United Kingdom


  • Newsletters have been sent to more than 1,500 recipients, who are encouraged to share them with their own networks.
  • Factsheets are downloaded more than 60,000 times per annum, and the number is growing as more factsheets are added.
  • More than 800 telephone and email enquiries are received and responded to per annum.


Financial cuts to local and national services mean there are gaps not only in knowledge of community-care direct payments, personal budgets, etc. but also in where to find information and support on how to apply for such personalised service assistance.


Factsheets are provided free via the website, giving detailed information on community care, possible funding for non-residential accommodation, community-care direct payments, and for complaining about local authority decisions. In addition, personal advice and information is offered by telephone or email, and Q&A examples are shared in bi-monthly newsletters. Approximately 25 percent of recipients are advisers from member organizations, which have a wide reach themselves. Disability Rights UK also writes the Independent Living sections of the Disability Rights Handbook – the ‘benefits bible’ – which sells more than 13,000 copies per annum. In the near future, online forums will be introduced to further enhance communication and information sharing.


Since the service is quite simply set up, it can be easily replicated; and use of online services means information is easily updated and shared. New issues are highlighted through the Q&A sections of the newsletter and website, helping disabled people and their networks to be proactive.


Mr. Michael PAUL
Disability Rights UK
CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Rd,
N1 6AH +44 20 7250 8189, London, UK

Nominated by: Mr. Michael PAUL, Disability Rights UK