Innovative Practices 2014 on Accessibility

Customising health solutions

CETRAM is a community-based organisation which helps to find personalised solutions for individual needs in regard to wellness and health. It offers technical aids and assistive technology at low cost at home.

“Each step in this history belongs to us all. To the man or woman who approaches CETRAM with the hope of change, and along that path who understands that it is the responsibility of us all.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:CETRAM
Organisation:Corporación CETRAM
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with mental disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:Technical aids and assistive technology, at low cost and high level of performance


  • 2,000 users per year
  • Honoured by the Santiago of Chile University with the University Social Responsability Award (2014)
  • Dr. Pedro Chaná (founder CETRAM, Ashoka Fellow) awarded as Illustrious Son by La Paz city in Bolivia
  • Centre visited by approx. 100 students from different areas of the health system (psychiatry, neurology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy) each year


General social programs to re-establish health usually only involve drug therapy or functionalist therapeutic strategies. CETRAM aims to include educational and technological assistance as well as social, analytical and political elements.


CETRAM has an interdisciplinary team that identifies and finds solutions to those problems in regard to the health system that violate the fundamental rights of people involved in the process. CETRAM is looking for social change and advocates for the improvement of health care quality. The process of rehabilitation is adjusted to the needs and requirements of each user. Training is provided to empower the beneficiaries and their families in the use and implementation of new devices; in creating customary practices; in building new devices at low


Regarding low cost technical help and technological assistance, CETRAM has developed a work model in which the person with disability and his or her family lead the design, construction and use of a certain technology. In cases where the cost is important, the use of low cost or community-owned materials is encouraged. This work model has been acknowledged by the government, which has financed a formation
program on a national level oriented to community rehabilitation teams throughout Chile’s long territory.

95_ Tecnicas Y asistencia tecnologica_Corporacion CETRAM_Foto 4CETRAM is looking for social change and advocates for the improvement of health care quality. (Photo: Daniela Alburquerque/ CETRAM)

Corporacion CETRAM
Belisario Prats 1597b Independencia
Santiago de Chile, Chile | +56 2 27321927


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