Other shortlisted practices 2014

Airport accessibility for everyone

Making air travel not only available for as many people as possible but also more simple, inclusive and satisfying – especially for people with disabilities.

“The method of acceptance civic, really offers the opportunity to find workable and effective solutions. “

(Giampiero GRIFFO)
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Collaudo Civico dell’Aeroporto
Organisation:GESAC s.p.a.
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted persons with disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:to make travelling at the airport accessibly for all passengers


  • took part at the European Day of People with Disability
  • was presented among 5 worldwide cases of best practices in mainstreaming disability during the Fourth UN State parties Conference on Disability
  • GESAC and FISH (Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicaps) signed a memorandum of understanding


Before the collaboration was started, the airport did not have any regulations or guidelines for helping people with disabilities through the process of travelling in the airport.


“Civic test ” is a participatory process between the airport operator and experts from representative organizations of people with disabilities to define the inclusion processes and the needs and rights of both passengers with disabilities and those with reduced mobility. Those processes include: design and adaptation of the built environment, information and communication, access to services, quality standards for passengers care, boarding or landing procedures and location of itineraries.


The company, through a process of close collaboration with the FISH (Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicaps) and the CND (National Council on Disability), is committed to promoting full accessibility in the airport of Naples structural adjustment. The fact that GESAC and organizations of persons with disabilities worked together, ensured the real inclusion of persons with disabilities and allowed to maximize even more the development of infrastructure and airport services, parallel with the needs expressed by the representatives of these organizations. The comparison between knowledge and different skills can help in building solutions and non-discriminatory practices and also in ensuring persons with disabilities the same opportunities as all other passengers.



Mr. Antonio PASCALE
Via del Riposo 95, 80144 Napoli
+39 0817896477