Employment and ICT 2021

In 2021, for the first time, the Zero Project recognized excellence and innovative practices in four categories, namely: (1) civil society; (2) the public sector; (3) the business sector and its push towards inclusive employment; as well as (4) accessible and inclusive technology (ICT). The nominated projects cover a wide variety of topics and solutions, such as inclusive employment strategies of companies, IT- based job platforms, supported employment services, social business and entrepreneurship, models on vocational support in higher education, inclusion consultancy services/trainings focusing on employers, and many more. In this section you will find the 2021 awardees whose Innovative Practices from civil society, the business sector, and accessible and inclusive technology (ICT) stood out.


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All 2021 Practices

A young woman sits at a computer with her hands on the keyboard. Her head is turned slightly to smile at the camera.

POETA DigiSpark

The Trust for the Americas, from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico
A person holds a tablet computer in her hands. On the screen is written ‘conference call’ and the conversation is about to start. There is a touch keyboard at the lower part of the tablet.

Pedius Work Inclusion

Pedius, from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
A smiling man sits at a workspace in an industrial workplace. The man is holding a tool and is working on a hard drive on the desk in front of him.


AfB social & green IT, from Austria, France, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland
A male middle-aged person standing in a field of green plants that reach his waist. He checks on one of the plants.


Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Association (DRRA), from Bangladesh
Five Fable team members smile and laugh with their arms on each other’s shoulders.


Fable, from Canada, World
A grey haired man holds up a mobile phone and makes a gesture with his hands. In the background is a shop assistant watching the scene.


Red Apis, from Chile, Uruguay
A man stands next to a freezer in a supermarket aisle. He is smiling and unpacking frozen goods from a cardboard box to load the freezer.


Lev – Inclusion Denmark, from Denmark
A man sits at a desk with two computer screens in front of him. He is communicating in sign language. On the screen, a sign language interpreter is visible via a video link.


Tadeo, from France
A man stands behind the counter at a coffee shop and holds a tablet displaying the DeafTawk app to a woman on the other side of the counter.


DeafTawk, from Pakistan, Singapore
A young man wearing an apron stands behind a coffee machine in a coffee shop. He is pouring milk into a takeaway coffee cup. A woman in an apron is making coffee at a second machine in the background.

Job Plus

Sohwa Aram VR Centre, from South Korea
A man and a woman sit at a table at the front of a classroom, facing the classroom next to a FUWAVITA poster. Ten young people are sitting in the classroom looking towards the front.


Furaha Ya Wanawake Wajasiriamali Kwa Viziwi Tanzania (FUWAVITA), from Tanzania
A person with a tablet computer is explaining the RehApp to another person to his right. A group of six women sit on chairs in a circle. On a makeshift coffee table is a platter with a cake


Enablement B.V., from World

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