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All-Sector-Cooperation creating jobs in thousands of companies

By orienting its users to find a job, by providing them with punctual training and placement assistance, and by working together with the entire socio-labour spectrum, the Ecuadorian Labour Integration Service offers a wide array of services to support persons with disabilities to access the labour market, especially disabled women and youth. This effort has led to some 12,900 people now working in 8,355 public and private enterprises.

Labour Integration Service
of origin
Responsible bodyFederation of Ecuadorians with Physical Disabilities (FENEDIF), in partnership with the Ecuadoran Government, NGOs, and companies


Ecuador’s Labour Integration Service (SIL) of 2006, implemented by the Federation of Ecuadorians with Physical Disabilities (FENEDIF), is a partnership of the Government, NGOs, and companies to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the open labour market. The service includes employment orientation, labour promotion, capacity-building/training, and psychological support as well as work integration monitoring. SIL also addresses employers directly and assists them to comply with their legal obligations. Since 2006, SIL has trained some 50,000 persons with disabilities and has sensitized more than 36,000 people on disability issues through public outreach activities.


SIL was launched in 2006 and subsequently expanded thanks to the sponsorship and partnership agreements with the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development, the United States Agency for International Development, the Ibero-American Network of Persons with Disabilities’ Entities, the National Disability Council, the state enterprise Petroamazonas EP, the Government of Ecuador, and the Office of the Vice President. It is underpinned by the 2005 amendment to the Ecuadorian Labour Code as well as the Organic Law on Disability of 2012.

Workshop on preparation to the labour market © FENEDIF

Awareness speech on positive language to workers of the Ministry of education © FENEDIF


Using a validated methodology
SIL has implemented a process of labour integration that has proven to be flexible and that can be adapted to many contexts.
Person-centred service
SIL’s philosophy privileges training, information, orientation, promotion, and technical and human accompaniment to obtain full labour integration and to decrease labour drop-out rates.
Changing mind-sets
The programme focuses on overcoming mental barriers for both disabled persons and non-disabled persons by raising awareness and providing guidance and information about disability and accessibility.


  • The SIL programme was founded in 2006, and from 2013 to 2015 it was expanded to 23 provinces.
  • From 2013 to 2015, 3,816 people with disabilities (1,186 female) were employed, 12,577 people were provided with employment orientation, more than 23,000 received non-formal training, and 1,764 received formal training.
  • 25 entrepreneurial initiatives were realized through its microcredit fund.

«At the beginning it wasn’t easy, but we managed thanks to SIL which supported us a lot with awareness raising and workplace support.»


By providing advice and training, the profiles of SIL users are enhanced to become more attractive to employers. SIL also works to overcome the stigma that can be associated with people with disabilities, as well assists in creating physical access to work-places. SIL has multidisciplinary teams composed of professionals who are themselves disabled. Cooperation has allowed FENEDIF to offer its services free of charge. The state enterprise Petroamazonas is paying the wages for SIL staff, while the National Disability Council hosts SIL in its provincial premises. Other organizations, such as the Ecuadorian Service of Professional Training, provide free training to SIL participants.


  • In 2016 the National Disability Council and Petroamazonas signed an agreement stating that maintaining the SIL programme was a high priority of the state enterprise.
  • In 2013 the Group Faro Ideas & Collective Action awarded FENEDIF the Civic Innovation Prize for SIL.
  • Since 2009, Petroamazonas has included 104 employees with disabilities.


By translating the Labour Code into practice, SIL produces social benefits that also have an impact on the national GDP. In 2016–2017, SIL will be strengthening its training, sensitising potential employers, and boosting self-employment.


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