Does the state oblige employers to take the necessary action on accommodations made in the workplace for all employees with disabilities?


Question 3 refers to regulations, specifically asking if employers have to take action to make accommodations in the workplace accessible. With a Social Indicator of 1.7, Europe is clearly in the lead.



There is a huge gap between the Social Indicator of Europe (1.7) and all world regions that were calculated. Asia, on the opposite end of the spectrum, has a particularly poor indicator of 2.8.


The adaptation of workplace is encouraged but not obligatory by law.

There is a friendly legal environment, but the challenge is enforcement and implementation.

The country’s legislation includes an obligation on the employer to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled worker. What is needed, is more technical assistance programmes for employers to help them to know which setting is required by the person, how to implement them properly, etc. In addition, the country needs to strengthen labor inspections to verify if these adjustments are made and if done properly.
Costa Rica

National on the Rights and Benefits of Persons with Disability obliges the government to provide at 3% employment opportunity for persons with disabilities, but not action taken so far.