Does a quota exist for providing employment to persons with disabilities in the public sector?


Question 6 asks very distinctly if a quota exists in the national laws requiring the public sector to hire a minimum percentage of persons with disabilities. The resulting Social Indicators between 2.0 and 2.9 reflect the fact that quotas may exist in many countries, but are not executed.



Social Indicators between 2.0 and 2.9 show that a minimum employment quota for the public sector does not lead to sufficient employment rates of persons with disabilities, as perceived by the questionnaire respondents. Oceania is the laggard with a uniquely low Social Indicator of 2.9.


Armenia has set quotas for State companies with more than 100 employees to hire a minimum of 3 per cent people with disabilities, but there is no state statistic to confirm if the quota is successful.

There are no specific quota for persons with disabilities but a 10 percent quota exists for a combination of orphans and persons with disabilities for all kind of jobs.

The No. 6 of Act No. 12-2010 / AN of 1 April 2010 provides for a quota for disabled workers but does not indicate the level of this quota.
Burkina Faso

There is currently no quota. The federal government has developed the Recruitability model, an affirmative measure, to increase employment within the public service (