Do future teachers in compulsory education (primary and secondary schools) have to attend a compulsory training/course on inclusive education in their curricula before being allowed to teach?


In order to offer quality compulsory education at mainstream schools it is essential to have specialized training for teachers and staff so they can provide an adequate and flexible curriculum for the needs of children with disabilities.

In detail

In many countries there exists some kind of compulsory teacher training – but respondents mentioned this to be very limited (Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Madagascar, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Niger, Afghanistan, Pakistan). The responsibility lies with the school or institution and is not nationally organised – therefore the level of training in inclusive education for teachers at mainstream schools varies depending on the provider (Pakistan, Afghanistan; Bangladesh; New zealand, USA). Only a limited number of experts (17 percent) responded positively – stating that compulsory training on inclusive education exists in their country. The reasons why in 48 percent of the countries covered this is not the case are multiple – either it is only compulsory for some schools or levels of education (primary education in Togo) or because only limited funds are available to train the teachers (Canada).