Is personal assistance available in your country?


Personal Assistance is a tool which allows for Independent Living. Personal Assistance is purchased through earmarked cash allocations for disabled people, the purpose of which is to pay for any assistance needed. Personal Assistance should be provided on the basis of an individual needs assessment and depending on the life situation of each individual. (Accordingly to ENIL’s definition of Personal Assistance)

In detail

Results show that countries are half way in providing full and sufficient personal assistance helping people with disabilities to live independently (45.2 %). Only 7.5% of respondents confirmed that personal assistant is available and sufficient for all people with disabilities to ensure independent living in the community. The main barriers highlighted by respondents were:

  • Dependency on the financial capability of PWDs to pay for personal assistance: often, personal assistance allowances are not sufficient for care services or material and is not always covered by insurance
  • PWDs have to go through qualification processes for receiving personal assistance, which depends on a strict assessment of people’s needs and is only available for certain types of disability
  • The right to personal assistance is often dependent on public funding opportunities and limited