If forms of residential care exist in your country, is the number of persons with disabilities living in institutional care decreasing due to the increased availability of quality services in the community supported and funded by the state?


In detail

25% responded negatively while 15% responded positively. However 37% chose the Non Applicable option due to the unavailability or reliability of statistics on the trend. Respondents mentioned a few reasons explaining either a stagnant number or increase of PWDs in institutions:

  • Budget cuts and the lack of state capacity to provide services to the community, hinders the ability of PWDs to opt for community alternatives
  • Private assistance services at PWDs’ residences are often a solution but can cost more than a residential care institution. Government or private insurance may not always fund personal care assistance so many PWDs, especially people with psychosocial disabilities end up being institutionalised. Often, services in the community are more and more limited to basic activities such as cleaning.
  • Waiting lists for alternatives to institutions: there are limited places in institutions