In your country, are accessible mobile phones handsets readily available to all persons with disabilities?
Mobile handsets can be made accessible to persons with different disabilities by integrating a variety of features in the hardware design and operating system (provision of volume adjustment and speakers, provision of video relay services, advanced speech recognition software, audio-based interface, clear and simple user interface (UI) and consistent UI elements for easy selection of options) , and providing specific services as well as by installing third party applications such as screen readers and magnifiers which can help users navigate menus and content. If “Yes” or “Yes, with qualifications” please refer to the specific percentage of the accessible mobile phones handsets that are available.

Relates to Convention Article:

  • No.9, Accessibility

In detail

Article 9 of the CRPD prescribes that States parties have to “promote the design, development, production and distribution of accessible information and communications technologies and systems at an early stage, so that these technologies and systems become accessible at minimum cost”.

As some experts highlight, the key issue is the number of the accessible mobile phone handsets, so the question also asks for the specific percentage of accessible mobile phone handsets that are available.