Did the percentage of persons with disabilities employed increase in calendar year 2012?


The question refers only to employment in companies that are required by law to employ persons with disabilities. The answer is ‘No’ if no figures are available. Without figures it is impossible to know if people with disabilities are, in fact, being employed as required. If such a figure is available, please provide the figure, a source and, if possible, an internet link. 

In detail

52% of respondents state the percentage of employed people with disabilities has decreased since 2012. Some key reasons explaining the drop were pointed out:

  • Financial crisis-related issues, exceptional political events and social cuts all hindered the employment of people with disabilities.
  • Lack of statistical data to measure real numbers
  • The employment of people with disabilities is selective according to types of disability. For instance, people with hearing, visual and intellectual disabilities are more excluded than others
  • Many countries confirmed the numbers were more or less stagnant, due to the vicious cycle of lack of skills and unemployment.  Employment is reliant on education of PWDs, which when unavailable, prevents them from applying for white collar jobs.