The installation “TLALOC et les perles de pluie” of Artesens will be exhibited at the Musée du Quai Branly from

29 November to 7th December 2014

in the framework of the Accessibility Week. The installation will be in the Espace sensoriel Mexique and is open to the public, including children and adults, people with disabilities, the blind and sight impaired. On 29th November Ms Françoise Reynette, Director of Artesens, will welcome everyone.

The programme 2015 of Artesens’ travelling exhibitions is available at More information about this wonderful Innovative Practice 2014 you can find here on our website

Logo for MathInBraille Converter


The service „MathInBraille“ is still online available and used by several blind people, working in the field of mathamatics for blinds. Approximately 150 user are accounted every month using the service!

The next step will be getting further fundings to widen out the service to other languages or braille codes and adding audio response, so more blind people will get access to „MathInBraille“.


We have sent to all presenters of Innovative Practices and Policies 2014 postcards with an illustration
about their respective practice or policy, which was drawn by Zsofi Lang during the Zero Project Conference 2014.

Each postcards was produced in an edition of 100 copies, so that presenters can spread the news within their countries.

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Zero Project 2015 is coming and step 1 – the nomination process – has come to an end. In July 2014, the Zero Project team invited leading experts and organizations to nominate outstanding practices and policies concerning our this year’s topic:


Independent Living and Political Participation.


By August 14th we received 230 nominations from more than 75 countries from around the world. We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated this year – from Australia to Zimbabwe!!


Thematically, roughly two thirds work on Independent Living issues, and one

third on Political Participation. We are not only very happy with the quantity of nominations, but also with their quality. So many projects have been nominated that sound excellent.


Now it’s time for the next step. Research!


The Zero Project research process has now started and thereafter the nominations will undergo final selection at the end of September.


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The Zero Project Conference 2014 is history. For us it was a great event. We had inspiring conversations, we met interesting new people and old friends! We really hope you had a great time too!


Before the #ZeroCon14 we shared with you some great Practices and Policies we collected for the Zero Project Report 2014. We will continue this new traditions, the make sure everyones great work gets their well deserved recognition! So we will post the #PracticeOfTheWeek here at! Starting with: ICT to make public bus more accessible

Public transportation is not easily accessible for persons with visual and hearing impairments who would like to navigate the city in a safe and independent way. In order to facilitate the use of bus service for persons with visual impairments visual and acoustic information is provided – both inside and outside the vehicle. Read more



Creating a work environment which takes into account the needs of all employees and customers is increasingly a challenge for the management of companies. easy entrance develops workable, realistic and cost-efficient solutions that enable companies and organisations to create accessible work environments. Read more

60 years since the invention of the computer and after 30 years of successful use of Braille display and speech output, there are still difficulties for blind and visually impaired persons in accessing scientific documents containing mathematical formulae. The open-source softwareUniversal Maths Conversion Library’ (UMCL) was developed into a web-based tool to convert all kinds of documents containing mathematical formulae into Braille. Read more

To support the ‘ageing-in-place’ lifestyle and an inclusive environment, the BCA in Singapore launched the Accessibility Master Plan. The BCA Universal Design Mark (UD Mark) accords recognition to the building owners and designers who go beyond the code compliance to create user-friendly buildings. Read more

Barriers in public places constantly prevent persons with mobility impairments from free movement and participation. is an online map which indicates whether or not a location is wheelchair accessible. Read more

All aspects of oral communication in daily life are made accessible. Furthermore SCOP Le Messageur offers transcription services for events, meetings, conferences, congresses, cultural events etc. with the transcriber on site or working remotely via the internet. Read more