A white male is wearing blue jeans, a white dress shirt and a black blazer. He is standing in front of a roman column. His left hand is leaning against the column; he is smiling.

Michael Pichler

Country Head Austria, Zero Project

Michael Pichler is the Country Head Austria at the Zero Project. In this capacity he spearheads the numerous inclusive activities of the Zero Project in Austria. With his long-standing background as a human resource manager, he brings the employers perspective to the table and sees himself as a bridge builder between the various stakeholders. Michael Pichler aims to make an important contribution by developing Austria into a model country for truly inclusive employment. The Zero Project Unternehmensdialoge seek to ignite this transformation and inspire Austrian companies to employ persons with disabilities in a sustainable and inclusive fashion.

In his more than 20 professional years, Michael was able to gain extensive experience in all areas of human resource management; be it recruitment; professional training; or further education. As the Head of HR for bauMax–formerly Austria’s largest chain of hardware stores–he was able to manage the inclusive employment initiative and take on a pioneering role in Austria. Moreover, he has been able to lead large restructuring projects in which he gained valuable change management experience and was able to build up a valuable network with top decision-makers in Austria. In recognition of his work in the HR field he was awarded the 2016 HR Person of the Year award.

Michael Pichler studied psychology and law with a focus on human resource management and organizational development at the University of Salzburg. Further, he worked for the research institute for organizational psychology as part of his diploma thesis. Numerous training courses in the field of personnel and organizational development complete his profile.