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              • This image shows a bright and inviting library space with individuals engaged in various activities. In the foreground, a person in a motorized wheelchair is interacting with a standing person, suggesting an atmosphere of inclusivity and assistance. In the background, two individuals are playing chess at a table, while another person walks by, blurred by motion, adding a dynamic feel to the scene. The library shelves are well-stocked, indicating a place of learning and resourcefulness. The environment promotes equality and tolerance, as people of different abilities and interests share the space harmoniously.

                A high school prioritizing the admission of students with disabilities

                Schulzentrum Ungargasse (SZU), Austria: A technical high school prioritizing students with physical and sensory disabilities. In 2023, had 1,200 students, 30% with disabilities. Partners with Model United Nations, UNESCO, and European Youth Parliament.
                Reverse Integration Policy, Austria

              • Blind students walk behind each other, while holding sticks during a emergency procedures training.

                Teaching students with disabilities to manage risks associated with natural disasters

                RET Americas has developed inclusive learning methodologies to integrate disaster risk reduction and management (DRR&M) as a topic in public schools, introducing curricula and exercises specifically for students with disabilities. Since 2015, more than 4,000 young people with disabilities have taken part in the project.
                RET International - Protection through Education, Inclusive school safety in Panama (disasters and natural hazards awareness), Panama

              • This is a vibrant and joyful group photo taken on a sunny beach. The group consists of diverse individuals, likely of various ages and abilities, celebrating together. Some wear athletic attire with what appears to be national colors, suggesting they might be part of a sports team. Their raised arms and cheerful expressions convey a sense of triumph and camaraderie. The environment promotes themes of inclusion and teamwork, as individuals with different backgrounds and physical abilities share a moment of happiness and unity. The beach setting adds a casual and relaxed atmosphere to the image.

                Fostering inclusive education in Latin America through youth leadership and sports

                Escuelas Unificadas by Special Olympics Latin America: Promotes inclusive environments through sports and leadership activities for children with and without intellectual disabilities. Implemented in seven countries, reaching over 16,000 participants by 2023.
                Escuelas Unificadas (Unified Schools), Brazil

              • The photo shows a group of young children engaged in a creative activity, possibly in a classroom setting. They are sitting at a table covered with a protective sheet, working on what appears to be an art project. In the foreground, a child with dark hair is holding up a paper with handprints and symbols, looking directly at the camera. Another child with a pink hair accessory is focused on drawing, and a third child, wearing a Spider-Man shirt, is also coloring. The children are using markers, and a container with additional markers is in the center of the table. The atmosphere is one of concentration and enjoyment, highlighting themes of learning, collaboration, and creativity.

                Training curricula and staff support to make mainstream kindergartens more disability inclusive

                Krembo Wings, Israel: Youth movement supporting persons with disabilities. Developed training for educational teams in kindergartens, promoting inclusive discourse. Curriculum in Hebrew and Arabic expanded from four to twelve kindergartens between 2022 and 2023.
                Krembo Kindergarten, Israel

              • Children playing soccer.

                Promoting Inclusive Sports in Schools

                Working in close cooperation with the Special Olympics Austria, Inklusion Sport empowers youth and educators to promote social inclusion. Begun in 2004, they offer unified sport events, education and training in the Austrian state of Styria. Each year five physical education (PE) teachers receive training to become official advisers on inclusive sport.
                Basic Initiative for Sports and Inclusion, Austria

              • The photo depicts a diverse group of people posing together with smiles, suggesting a sense of camaraderie and unity. They are gathered in what appears to be a lobby, with a background featuring promotional banners. Their attire varies from casual to professional, reflecting a mix of personal styles. This image conveys a message of inclusivity and mutual respect, showcasing a moment where individuals from different backgrounds are united, possibly for an event or a common cause. The presence of banners suggests that they might be part of a program or initiative aimed at fostering community engagement or support.

                Empowerment youth through storytelling and digital media in sub-Saharan Africa

                Tai Tanzania: Offers non-formal education with digital media and storytelling. Addresses issues such as albinism and autism. Utilises YouTube, school classes, radio and TV stations and other NGOs to disseminate information.
                Pamoja (Inclusive) Project, Tanzania

              • A man in an electronic wheel chair with an electonic tablet attached on the armrest is speaking in an auditorium filled with students in uniform.

                Comprehensive support for young people with disabilities after their school education

                Krembo Wings from Israel initiated the ‘Paving the Way to Independent Life’ programme in 2002 to support people with disabilities after their schooling and to help them develop soft skills and life skills. Managed by people both with and without disabilities, the programme benefits around 250 young graduates each year.
                Krembo Wings, Paving the Way to Independent Life programme, Israel

              • all inclusive

                Living alone with individualized support

                API developed models of community-based services, such as "organized housing" and specialized foster family care, to enable children and adults with intellectual disabilities to move from large residential institutions to a life in the community. In 2003, "organised housing" was introduced by law as a new type of service.
                Association for Promoting Inclusion, Croatia

              • 166_Accessible London_City Bridge Trust_foto

                Accessible London funds work that improves access to buildings of the civil society and increases disabled people's participation in arts and sporting opportunities.

                The Accessible London program allows voluntary and community organisations to get free advice and funding for improving accessibility to their buildings and services. This program provides funding for access consultancy, specialist disability staff, disability training, physical and sensory building improvements.
                City Bridge Trust, Providing access to buildings of civil society, United Kingdom

              • Jobs for the most marginalised people with disabilities

                The project focuses on three main areas: Targeted skills development, interventions and responds to the specific needs and interests of the participants and home-based enterprises for those with severe mobility challenges. From 324 participants in 2014 to 2016, 254 have found employment, 49% were female.
                Sightsavers, Project “Connecting the Dots”, United Kingdom