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              • This image depicts a person in a garden center watering plants. The individual is using a walker, which indicates they may have mobility challenges, yet they are actively engaged in the task of gardening. They are dressed casually in a pink and purple plaid shirt and jeans, and they appear focused on their work. In the background, another person can be seen walking among the rows of plants. The setting is outdoors, and the garden center is filled with a variety of potted plants and gardening supplies. This scene promotes the theme of inclusivity, showing that gardening is an activity accessible to individuals with different abilities.

                Youth House: Empowering vulnerable young people with disabilities not in education, employment, or training(NEET)

                Salva Vita Foundation, Hungary: Empowers NEET youth through activities like animal-assisted therapy and job coaching. From 2018 to 2022, supported over 140 participants, with around 70 finding employment.
                Youth House, Hungary

              • Two African teenagers seated in group with other caucasian participants. One of the African students raising his hand while the other is clapping.

                NGO developing young people with disabilities for leadership positions

                In 2019 the Youth Disability Advocacy Service from Australia developed a leadership programme for young people with disabilities aged 14 to 25, and by 2022 there were 120 graduates, most of whom have gained paid employment. In addition, the programme has already been licensed to other organizations.
                Youth Affairs Council Victoria, Young Leaders Programme, Australia

              • The right to youth education

                The law enables young people with special needs to attain personal, social and vocational competencies through a three-year youth education. The training is based on a person-centred curriculum. It can take place in different schools or in the form of work experiences, and is completed with a certificate.
                Danish Ministry of Children and Education, The right to youth education, Denmark

              • A man is acting in the theater stage with two persons fully covered with blue and purple stretchable fabric while two other men watching from a distance.

                Theatre arts programme for youth with disabilities

                ‘Access to Theatre’ is a free inclusive arts programme designed to help young people develop artistic and communication skills. Developed in 1994 by Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD) in the United States, the four-week programme has about 65 participants each year.
                Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Access to Theatre, United States of America

              • Creating school communities of acceptance, inclusion, and respect

                The goal of the Special Olympics Unified Strategy for Schools and Youth is to reduce bullying and exclusion, promoting healthy activities and engages young people in pro-social activities. 2014/2015 6,424 youth participated at 184 Arizona schools and 335,463 youth were exposed to awareness and advocacy messaging and activities.
                Special Olympics Arizona, United States of America

              • Youth transition programme

                The Youth Transition Program (YTP) is a collaborative school-to-work transition programme that serves young adults with disabilities statewide in Oregon, USA. The purpose of YTP is to prepare young adults for employment or career-related post-secondary education. YTP is jointly funded by local schools and Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation.
                University of Oregon, Youth transition programme, United States of America

              • EmployAble: Inclusive vocational training and workplaces for youth with disabilities in Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia

                Young people with disabilities who are unemployed receive the necessary skills in mainstream training institutes to become employed or self-employed. More than 20 stakeholders are involved in the core implementing teams. In August 2015, 273 persons were enrolled in institutes or received in company training.
                Light for the World Netherlands, Rwanda

              • Two Indonesian students in school uniform giggling together with another student and a woman each holding a doll.

                Sexual and reproductive education for youth with leprosy and other


                NLR Indonesia developed the MBIM project to educate children and adolescents with leprosy and other disabilities about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. As part of the project NLR has developed educational manuals and tools, such as pictures and videos.
                NLR Indonesia, My Body Is Mine (MBIM), Indonesia

              • This is a joyful and diverse group of individuals posing together in a park. They are smiling and several are raising their arms in celebration or greeting. The group is casually dressed, suggesting a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. One person is using a motorized wheelchair, illustrating inclusivity and the representation of people with disabilities. The lush greenery in the background adds to the sense of community and connection to nature. The image conveys themes of happiness, diversity, inclusion, and equality, as the group appears united and supportive of one another.

                A training designed and organized by young people with disabilities to empower community workers

                Youth Disability Advocacy Service's Together: Access & Inclusion Training, Australia: Online and in-person training designed and delivered by persons with disabilities. Grew to 1,647 participants between 2018 and 2023, focusing on storytelling and lived experiences.
                Together: Access & Inclusion Training, Australia

              • A man who appears to be blind is seated beside a woman in wheelchair while an orchestra is playing adjacent them in a medium-sized room with other audience.

                Music workshops and an orchestra for youth with disabilities

                The Music Workshop’ is a project operating within Milan Petrović, a boarding school and day-care centre for youth with disabilities in Novi Sad, Serbia. Using innovative assistive technologies, participants learn to create and interpret music. In 2016 the workshops led to the creation the Good People Orchestra.
                Primary and Secondary Boarding School Milan Petrovic, Novi Sad, Serbia, An accessible music programme, Serbia