Special Advisor in the Department of Employment, Integration and Social Services of the Municipality of Oslo at City of Oslo, Department of Primary Health and Social Affairs

Establish project for work inclusion, implement as a permanent measure: recruitment scheme for people with disabilities. Coordinate events and actions that influence attitudes above workers with disabilities. Hold lectures and lead meetings. Set up and run a mentoring scheme. Participate in international conferences and nominate for international awards. Special adviser in the political secretariat, case management, arranging external and internal meetings and visits, for example for politicians on study trips abroad. Saksbehandler and coordinator in relation to the fields of organised transport for the disabled, work inclusion and aid mediation. Coordination of the initiative for "More organised workplaces" for people with developmental disabilities. From March to June 2020 coordination of work with infection control equipment for Oslo municipality. Translated with (free version) Year of this biography: 2022

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